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Pictures from 70th MPs, Philippsbourg and 370th Medical Battalion. The medical pictures come from Celeste Larroque, whose father Adolphe Larroque served with D/370. If anyone recognizes any of the medics in the pictures please contact myself or Celeste.

From Gary Sitz: Delbert Woodrow Sitz, He was an M8 driver in the 70th Recon Troop, 2nd Platoon. I believe this photo is of the 70th Recon Troop 2nd Platoon at either Camp Adair or Fort Wood.  My Dad is the 4th from the left, 2nd row from the bottom.  One of his best friends, Dale Illiff, is 1st on the left, 3rd row from the bottom. Here are the names in the photo:

Top row: Left to right:
Lt. Mix, S/Sgt. Little

2nd row: Left to right:

Sgt. Iliff, T/5 Berg, Cpl. Nadler, Pfc. Malloy, T/5 Geld, Sgt. Cruver

3rd row: Left to right:

Pfc. Sousa, Pfc. Weisman, T/5 Freeman, T/5 Sitz, T/5 Shugart (Walter)
T/5 McGaugh, Sgt. Nordgren

4th row: Left to right:

Pfc. Guy (Richard), Pfc. Boisloff, Pvt. Yglisa, Pvt. Martin, T/4 Burkhardt
Pvt. Harrison, Pvt. Elderidge, T/4 Black


With a young girl with the bike, my father is second from right. You can see the Trailblazer patch on his left arm. I do not know the names of all the other fellows in the picture, nor do I know where it was taken. Photo: Celeste Larroque

From left to right is my father and then Bopp (I think) and then Wilson (I think). It was taken at the former garrison lazarett in St. Avold, France. (Thanks to Phillipe Després of France for the location info!) Photo: Celeste Larroque

Medic with 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Division. Date and Location unknown. Could be after low point transfers. Photo: Celeste Larroque

Same as other picture.

Marsh and Mallot. This one was taken at the Place de la Republique in Paris in 1945. Photo: Celeste Larroque.

My father sitting on a bench in August, 1945, in front of the Red Cross Theater in a place called Bad Wildungen. Photo: Celeste Larroque.

My father (on the right) and a comrade standing on steps in the snow. I don't know where this was, but I imagine the building was a barracks. Photo: Celeste Larroque

Frank Bell, 70th MPs. Photo from Jack Bell.

Philippsburg. A postcard from Joe Dito (D/274). Joe has had this postcard since Jan 1945.

Philippsbourg today. Photo from Dave Mackie.

Charles Westcott, D/370. Photo: Jeff Westcott.

Dollar bill signed by 70th Reconn Troops (front)


On the left, Lt. Shanahan, Division Signal Supply Officer and on the right is Capt. Myron Leszynski. Photo taken in Merlebach, France, Mar. 1945. Photo: John Leski

Location is unknown. Note 3rd Inf Div patch on soldier on extreme right. Believe photo may have been taken after hostilities. Could have been after transfer of 70th soldiers to 3rd ID. Photo: John Leski, son of Capt. Myron M. Leszynski

Same location as above. Capt Myron Leszynski. Photo: John Leski

2nd Platoon, 70th Reconn. Photo: Gary Sitz. See top of page.