Photographs - Page 16

The first 8 pictures come from Jean Michel Hitter who states: "I found in the papers of my grand father this pictures, Forbach 1945. My large grandfather was called Joseph Hitter (born in 1891).  He was a professor of natural science and collected the insects. The photographs were made by my father Rodolphe Hitter (born in 1926), escaped prisoner of Germany November 1944 and hide in Forbach until the arrival of the American troops.  A team of first aid (photo of group) had settled in the cellar of the house of my large father, 14 street of Passaga (French name, the Germans had named this street Hans Schlemmstrasse).  The house 14 street Passaga had been touched by a shell of 155 German who had not exploded but caused damage (photo of the house, picture "Passaga 14") I found three other photographs" None of the Blazers in these photos are identified.

The last three come Richard Ifenecker. He states, "These pictures are from GROSBLIEDERSTROFF and they was taken in February or March 45. Grosbliederstroff is located near the German border, between Forbach and Saarbrücken. My mother, my tantes and my uncle are on the pics. My mother said that the 2 veterans calls Walter and Coffee (but off course their english in 45 was not so good and probably your soldiers don't speek french) so if we can find out the 2 soldiers, it will be very good. For more details about the pics, feel free to contact me at any time.

A group of Trailblazers. Forbach France, 1945. Standing L to R: unknown, Henry Naftulin, Nick Lauletta, Traina, others unknown. Person kneeling is identified as Tschirhart by son via phonecall Sept. 13, 2010. Sign says "please knock, 3rd Bn, 276 Inf Aid Station, Please close door."

Appears to be an award ceremony in Forbach. Aid men look to be involved.

Another version of the award ceremony.

70th Band? in Forbach, 1945.

A 70th Medic, Forbach 1945. Name unknown.

The house of the Hitter's in Forbach. Apparently 3rd Bn aid men stayed in the cellar.

A shot of the castle at Forbach.

Jean Michael's grandfather who had the pictures.

From Ira Coffey's son and Richard in France: Ira Coffey is one of the soldiers in the last three photographs. The other guy was Cpl. Walter S Dinkleman. No info on who is in which position.