Photographs - Page 15

The first 5 pictures come from Kathi Goe, whose father-in-law, Bernard Goe, served with K/274. The rest are from Pictures from Barbara Matthews, daughter of of "Bud" Blair, ?/276.


2nd Platoon of K/274. Photo: Kathi Goe.

Standing (l to R): Tony - Hancharick-Weaver-Barney Goe-Wall-Mc. Kneeling (l to R): Ranson - Zickel - Chuck - Foster. Photo: Kathi Goe.

Tony Messer in the middle, Barney Goe on right. Guy on left is Shaefer or Fritz. Photo: Kathi Goe.

Barney Goe on left, Dick Reilly on right. Taken on R&R in Switzerland, Jan 1946. Photo: Kathi Goe.

Similar to 2nd photo. From (l to r): Hall-Ranson-Weaver-Barney Goe-Dick-Han-Wall-Mac-Zickel-Chuck-Foster. Photo: Kathi Goe.

Blair and Fanos. Date and location unknown.

Group of fellow soldiers. Date and location unknown.

Matthew "Bud" Blair. Date and location unknown.

Michael Marchok (front). Date and location unknown.

Picture shows the Cathedral of Bremen named "Bremer Dom" taken from the market place of Bremen. The pic shows the front of the cathedral with a damaged fountain in front of the cathedral's stairs. This fountain was named "Wilhadibrunnen" damaged in WWII - not reconstructed when WWII was over. The city was hit in the years of 1943 to 1945. Info from Lars-Oliver Shimanski of Bremen

location unknown.

Vargo and Bud Blair.