Photographs - Page 14

The following pictures come from Michael Getty, whose dad Don Getty served with D/276.


Camp Roberts, CA - July 1943 This must be a graduating boot camp platoon. I don't know if my father has the date right. However, some of the men in this photo made it to Camp Adair and the 70th Division, including Don Getty (Cpl) from Hot Springs, SD and Don Fields (Sgt.) from Purbin, MO (aka "Snuffy" Fields). Getty and Fields ended up in the same squad in France and Germany. If you can't read the writing, starting at the front row, left to right: Greene, Flavin, Miller, Burkett, Fields, Garcia. Don Getty is the last man on the right in the third row (the one without a pistol belt). Photo: Michael Getty.

Camp Adair, OR - 1944 If you can't read the writing, starting from the left, front row: Duane Hagen from Hot Springs, SD, Plenge Back Row: Top Sgt. Massey, Lt. Fox, Capt. Grenelle, Lt. Goldstein and Sgt. Schliger. If you look at about the center of the front row there is a post with a name (Blasik) written vertically on it. He is the man directly above the post in the second row. He was in Company D, 276th along with Don Getty and V. Springman (front row, 4th from the right). Third from the right, first row is Dareaux (sp?) and last man on the right, front row is Culliver. Don Getty was on leave at the time. Photo: Michael Getty.

American Inf. - Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Paris. Postcard. Michael Getty.

Generals Bradley & Koenig at Tomb of Unknown Soldier. Location: Paris? Postcard. Michael Getty.

Paris Liberation - Champs Elysees. Postcard. Michael Getty.

Postcard - Barricade Rue Saint-Jacques. Paris. Postcard. Michael Getty.

Postcard - French Resistance w/German Prisoner. Michael Getty.

Postcard - St. Goar, Germany. Micahel Getty.