Photographs - Page 13

The following photos come from Michael Getty, whose dad, Don Getty served with D/276.


Kelly & Richey. Location: Germany. Date: May, 1945. Kelly's first name unknown. Kelly was from Boston and William Richey was from South Carolina. Photo: Michael Getty.

LT Zaleta. Location: Unknown. Date: March, 1945. LT Zaleta was from Pennsylvania. Received a field commission from buck sgt. He was my dad's platoon leader - 1st Plt., Co. D, 276th. Photo: Michael Getty.

Plt. Sgt. Culliver in St. Goar, Germany. Location: St. Goar, Germany. Date: March, 1945. T/SGT Culliver was my dad's platoon sgt. I believe he was from Missouri. Photo: Michael Getty.

Prossier & Lacox. Location: Germany. Date: 1945. Joe Prossier (l) from New Mexico and Marvin LaCox (or LaCoax) from Chicago. Prossier was Don Getty's 2nd gunner on their water-cooled .30 MG. Photo: Michael Getty.

Scharf - May 45. Location: Unknown. Date: May, 1945. Scharf was awared the CIB, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Scharf was from Washington, DC. Photo: Michael Getty.

SGT Don Fields. Location: On the Rhine. Date: Unknown. Don Fields was from Purbin, Missouri. Photo: Michael Getty.

Hurry Up and Wait. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. The men in the picture are unidentified. Perhaps someone will recognize them. Typical army assembly scene - hurry up and wait. Photo: Michael Getty

Paul Shorts - Raid on Wine Cellar. Location: Hahnstatten, Germany. Date: May, 1945. Paul is about to "Raid the neighbor's wine cellar." 4/1st Plt., D/276th. Photo: MIchael Getty

Paul Shorts with The Equalizer. Location: Hahnstatten, Germany. Date: May, 1945. Photo: Michael Getty.

Paul Shorts, Germany May 45. Location: Somewhere in Germany. Paul won the bronze star and in the 4th Sq., 1st Plt., D/276th. Photo: Michael Getty.

Richey in Hanstatten, Germany 1945. William Richey was from South Carolina and in the 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, D/276th. Photo: Michael Getty.

Two Unknown Soldiers of the 70th Division. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Photo: Michael Getty.

Two Unknown Soldiers. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Photo: Michael Getty.

Vern Springman, St. Goar, Germany Apr 45. Photo: Michael Getty.

Date: Unknown. Photo: Michael Getty. Note: This picture was taken in Koblenz and der Deutsche eck there where the Mosel is coming in the Rhein. Kind regards, Erik Claes, Belgium.

Looks like somewhere on the Rhine. Date and time unknown. Photo: Michael Getty.

Unknown Soldier in Nazi Airplane. Location: Zellhausen, Germany. Date: April, 1945. Photo: Michael Getty.

Caption on picture: Krauts on Motorcycle. Note the right posterboard on the windshield of the car and the flags in the background. Sign on windshiled has St. Goar written on it. Michael Getty

Castle Picture 1 - Apr 45. Location: Sankt Goar on the Ruin of Rheinfels. Information from Alfred Berg of Germany. Photo: Michael Getty. Paul Newman D/276 notes: "My guess would be St. Goar. I remember there were castles on the hill tops, one off a bit to the distance appeared somewhat in ruins. We were there long enough for some to visit it, although I did not."

Pollard and Holley. Location: Airfield in Germany. Date: May, 1945. First names unknown. Pollard was from Baltimore. Photo: Michael Getty.