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The following photos were sent to me by Alice Lachance, whose father Donald G. Lachance served with the 276th Infantry Regiment, company unknown.


Don Lachance 3rd from right. Taken after transfer to 3rd Infantry Division in July 1945.

From Left to Right - Don Lachance, Geno Lazzari (sp?) and Walter Higgins.

Geno Lazzari on left, Donald Lachance in middle and

Johnny Radosevich (sp?) on right. .

L to R: John Actkins and Don Lachance, March 1945.

Don Lachance

Don Lachance crouching on right.

Don Lachance on right, kneeling.

Lafan McLellan is on the left. According to Don Lachance, McLellan became the company commander. Man on right is unknown. Dunbach, Germany.

L to R, kneeling: Earl Scott and Don Lachance. man in back is unknown. The strain of combat is evident on their faces. Dunbach, Germany.

Earl Scott sitting on a knocked out Panther tank.

L to R: Earl Scott and Don Lachance with a knocked out Panther tank.

Geno Lazzari (sp?)

Geno Lazzari (sp?) on left and Walter Higgins 2nd from right.

L to R: John Actkins and Corporal Bignal.

Johnny Radosevich (sp)

Johnny Radosevich (sp) on right. Don LaChance on left.

Lafan C. McLellan

L to R: DOn Lachance and Johnny Radosevich (sp) near Leubach, Germany.

Rufus Poole near Dunbach, Germany.

Soldiers and little girl are not known. Dunbach, Germany.



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