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Photos from the Norman Reker (H/275) collection, obtained by Ray Brown via eBay. These photos deal mainly with occupation after the war ended.


Insignia of US Army units posted in office building in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

Somewhere in Germany, March 7 1945 or 46 -- hard to decipher handwriting. GI is not named. Possibly Reker.

Castle on the Rhine, July 1945.

Major Charles N. Gruber and wife Peggy. Occupation 1946.

Major Charles Gruber in front of his home in Frankfurt, 1946.

Peggy Gruber in front of her home in Frankfurt, 1946.

Unknown officer at office in Frankfurt, Germany 1946.

Left: Jack Beaudry. Right: Thomas Hearon. Boys from AG Travel Clearance, 1946.

Unknown soldier, Frankfurt, Germany 1946.

Marching Honor Guard at Diez, 1945.

70th Division marching band at Diez, 1945.

Band preparing for parade at Frankfurt.

Band and honor guard in Frankfurt, 1945.

Band and honor guard in front of CP, Frankfurt 1945.

70th Band at Frankfurt, 1945.

70th Band practicing at Frankfurt.

Holt and Betz loading truck as we moved out of Diez, July 1945.

Major Charles Gruber amid debris in Frankfurt. 1946.

Worker for allies in Frankfurt 1946. Name is Christa. Caption on back says "Cute stuff" 1946. She appears in several photos.

Caption says -- "To Vic with all my love. Christa"

Name on back is not readable. Same office complex in Frankfurt as some of the photos.

Vic and Peggy Gruber in front of Gruber residence 18 Malen(sp?) Strasse, Frankfurt - April 7 1946.

Christa in front of Gruber residence. Caption on back says, "More of the sweetest fraulein in Germany" 1946

Where Gen. McNarney made his Army Day speech in 1946.

Frankfurt ruins, 1946.

Peggy Gruber amid Frankfurt ruins, 1946.

Caption - "Drive against foolish drivers" April, 1946.

Street scene amid Frankfurt ruins, 1946.

Street in Frankfurt, 1946.

Opera in Frankfurt, 1946.

All of Frankfurt looks like this, Dec. 1945.

Black Markert - Frankfurt.

Soldiers in Frankfurt.

Guard duty.

Another one of international girl friends -- a German fraulein Christa Gay or Goy (last name hard to desipher) December 1945 Frankfurt am Main.

Christa -- Frankfurt January 1946.

Another German office worker by the name of Hilda.

L to R: Major Charles Gruber, wife Peggy, unknown GI and German police officer in front of Frankfurt opera building.

USFET HQ Frankfurt April 1946.

Gruber with fellow soldiers.

McCarthy, Gruber, me (Reker?) in front of what's left of opera house in Frankfurt, December 1945 -- the day before Christmas.

Major Charles Gruber.

Major Gruber on left with unnamed GI on right-- Frankfurt.

Medals displayed at office in Frankfurt.

USFET Headquarters.

Ruins of church in Frankfurt?

See where the Germans got their ammo? This "used" to be a statue in Frankfurt.

No information but believed to be Frankfurt.

From jeep on Autobahn going from Frankfurt to Diez.

Autobahn from jeep.

Mrs. Magarette De Chance (prounounced De Chont).

Bathing beach outside Frankfurt, note Frauleins.

Transportation in Germany -- all bikes.

Gal on bike. Note: skirt all like that in Germany.

Ferry across the Lohr River at Baldenstein -- Kim and Holt on board.

Another shot of the ferry.

Ferry at Baldenstein across the Lohr River.

Schaunberg (sp?) Castle behind the bushes.

Kim and Holt along Lohr at Baldenstein.

Baldenstein - Barney, Kim and Holt used to fraternize here.

Our living quarters in Diez, Germany July 1945.

Town along the Autobahn. Taken from our jeep "Oregon Own".


Kim looking out on Baldenstein from ruins of Schaunberg (sp?) Castle.

Moving out of Frankfurt -- Schiller, Quigg, Doerman, Hank, Misch.

Holt abd Betz loading truck as we moved out of Diez, July 1945.

Kim outside of Diez aong the Lohr River.

Barney still seeing Germany on his "liberated" bike June 1945.

Playing baseball in front of barracks in Frankfurt.

French at bat in Frankfurt.

Carrying Talia off the field in Frankfurt.

Schaunberg Castle.

Schaunberg Castle.

Ruins of the old Schaunberg Castle.

Lohr River from ruins of castle.

4th of July celebration in Diez, Germany by 70th Div Hq. Artillery pieces are M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer.

70th CP - Diez, Germany July 1945.

Talia, Bad Kreuznach, Germany 1 April 1945.

70th Infantry Division Special Troops Hq. clerks -- location not known.

Bill Talia, 3 April 1945.

Soldier not named, possibly Reker.

Bad Kreuznach, 3 April 1945. Soldier is not known.

70th Division Band playing for an inspection by XIX Corps general in Frankfurt.

Ed Schiller Frankfurt, Germany.

4 July 1945, Diez Germany.

Ed Schiller and me (Reker?) in our jeep. Frankfurt, Germany.

Christa Gay or Goy in office Frankfurt, Germany Feb 1946.

Christa just getting off her "Swie" tram in Frankfurt - 1946.

General inspecting Honor Guard at Frankfurt.

I lived here with the "family" 1946.

Camoflaged engine Frankfurt May 1945.

Le Harve, France - heading home.

Le Harve, France - heading home.

Le Harve, France - heading home.

Le Harve, France - heading home.

Reker (?) in Le Harve, France - heading home.

Le Harve, France - heading home.

Le Harve, France - heading home. Soldiers not named.

Le Harve, France - heading home.


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