Photographs - Page 12

The following photos come from Michael Getty, whose dad, Don Getty served with D/276.


4th Squad, 1st Plt., Co. D, 276th Inf., 70th Div. Location: St. Goar, Germany (on the Rhine) Date: March 45. Backrow (4th Squad): Paul Shorts (PA), Don Getty (Hot Springs,SD), Bert Zarecki (Pittsburg), Marvin LaCoax (Chicago), Joe Prosser (NM), Charles Dysart (SC), Norton Newman (Philadelphia) Frontrow (3rd Squad): Earnie Figgs (Kansas City, MO), William Webb (KY), William Richey (SC), Clinton LaVergue (Jennings, LA), Marvin Durrell (MO), ? Holley (TX), ? Robbinette (KY) Photo: Michael Getty.

Blasik & Fields, Zellhausen, Ger. April 45 Location: Unknown. Date: April, 1945. Photo Michael Getty.

Don Getty & Nazi Airplane. Location: Unknown German airfield. Date: April, 1945. Photo. Michael Getty.

Don Getty - Just Discharged From the Army. Location: Brookings, SD. Date: April 1, 1946. Back home in South Dakota after being discharged at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. Photo: Michael Getty.

Don Getty and SSGT E. D. Figgs. Location: Banks of the Rhine River. Date: Unknown. Getty was in D/276th while Figgs was in the 463rd AAA BN. Photo: Michael Getty.

Don Getty manning Gene Blasik's' machine gun. Photo: Michael Getty.

Dysart from SC - German May 45. Location: Germany. Date: May, 1945. Dysart was from South Carolina. Dad said he owned a Model A Ford and had a beautiful wife. He used to say "You all fix'en to move out? Just a minute, I caiint find my weepon." Photo: Michael Getty.

Figgs & Scharf - Light Mechanized Armor Squad. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Figgs went by the nickname "Boss" Figgs. Photo: MIchael Getty.

Gene Blasik manning .50. Photo: Michael Getty.

Don Getty and Ernie Figgs. Locaton: Germany. Date: May, 1945. Figgs is holding Getty's Thompson submachinegun. Photo: Michael Getty.

Getty, Shorts, Dysart, Prossier, Zaricki, Raw Deal. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. "Raw Deal" was from Texas. Getty is holding his Thompson. He said those on guard duty at night borrowed it. They would prefer it over the M1. They called it "The Chopper" and "Night Time Equalizer." When in Vietnam I occasionally carried the M3 "Grease Gun," especially when I was dispatched to bring home the company payroll. Sure beat the hell out of the .38 Long Colt they issued me. Photo: Michael Getty.

Getty, Unknown, Brown, Scott - Schwapenhausen, Ger. Location: Schwapenhausen, Germany. Date: March, 1945. Photo: Michael Getty.

Group Picture at St. Goar, Germany. Date: March, 45. Pringman, West, Sheppard, Pollard, Blasik, Knundley, Rutledge. Photo: Michael Getty.

Shorts, Big Deal, Dysart, Getty, Prossier, Zaricki. Location: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Names start with the back row with Don Getty standing on the right. J. Prossier and Zaricki are behind the machinegun. Here, "Raw Deal" is referred to as "Big Deal." Photo: Michael Getty.

Train Accident at Chalon - Truck Driver Killed. Locaton: Near Chalon. Date: Dec 44. My father told me the Italian truck driver was killed. This train carried D/276th north to battle. Photo: Michael Getty.

Former Machinegun Position. Location: Unknown. Date: March, 1945. Dad said he had a machinegun position set up near here. Photo: Michael Getty.

Gene Blasik from PA. Location: Merlebach, France. Date: April, 1945. Gene was from Braddock, Pennsylvania. Photo: Michael Getty.

H. Simon - Dicburg, Germany. Location: Dicburg (sp?) Germany. Date: May, 1945. H. Simon was known as "Abbey". This photo was taken 8 hours after the announcement of Germany's surrender. Photo: Michael Getty.

Hotel Schneider on the Rhine River. Location: St. Goar. Date: Unknown. Note castle in the right background. Photo: Michael Getty.

House in St. Goar, Germany. Location: St. Goar on the Rhine. Date: Unknown. Don Getty noted on the back of the photo that he stayed in the house on the far left and background: "Wine, sheets and pink Champaign." Photo: Michael Getty.