Photographs - Page 119

The following photos come from the collection of Don Tousignant, Medic/274. Special thanks to Annie Leiby, Don's daughter, for allowing me to post the photos!

Camp Adair, June 1945. From Left to Right - Grimes, Tousignant, Cogan, Redfern, and Coe. All but Cogan were wounded in combat. Photo: Don Touisgnant.

Left to Right: Gerald Grimes, Lamar Poulton, Don Tousignant and Floyd Coe, June 1944 at Camp Adair. Photo: Don Tousignant.

Back Row LtoR: Gerald Grimes, Lamar Poulton, Floyd Coe. Front Row LtoR: David Brees,Virgil Coffey, Ken Leach. Camp Adair, June 1944. Photo: Don Tousignant.

Bert Benson on left with Don Tousignant. Camp Adair. Photo: Don Tousignant.

George Kokinda. He gave first aid to Don Tousignant when Don was wounded on 3/17/45. Photo: Don Tousignant.

Gerald Grimes and John Howard in the field at Camp Adair. Photo: Don Tousignant.

In work clothes: Standing in back, LtoR: Poulton, John Pitman, Don Tousignant. Kneeling in front LtoR: Les Habeggar, Edwin Geldman, and Steve Banazek. Photo: Don Tousignant.

Jim Fouts. KIA in February 1945. Photo: Don Tousignant.

An M8 Reconn car passes by, Camp Adair, 1944. Photo: Don Tousignant.

Don Tousignant, Camp Adair in June 1944. Photo: Don Tousignant.