Photographs - Page 118

The following photos come from the collection of Carl Mathes, Hqs/1stBn/275. Special thanks to Karla and Rene, Carl's daughters, for allowing me to post the photos!


Carl Mathes near stockade at Usingen, Germany. Photo: Carl Mathes.

Mathes on left and Troy Bridwell on right after transfer to 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, December 1945. Photo: Carl Mathes.

Carl Mathes poses with "Ruth", a Sherman tank somehow appropriated by the 275th. And yes it was fully functional. Photo: Carl Mathes.

Carl Mathes in front of his tent near LeHarve, France prior to going home in 1946. Photo: Carl Mathes,

3rd Infantry Division MPs. Photo: Carl Mathes.

Carl Mathes on left, Ora Chandler on right sitting on "Ruth". Note Lord Nelson written on the tank. Photo: Carl Mathes.

From left to Right: Rycroft, Bingham and Mathes near Usingen, Germany 1945. Photo: Carl Mathes.

Raines on left and Bryant on right pulling guard duty at 1st Bn Hqs, 275th. Photo: Carl Mathes.

German general officers lager at Allendorf(?). Pictures notes indicate that the German general in command of Paris was sent here. Photo: Carl Mathes.