Photographs - Page 113

The following items come from Dolly Brock, daughter of Emery Brock C/270. Order to Burgomeister comes from Horst Jeckel and emailed to the webmaster on Jan 10, 2015. Photo of Hq and Hq Bty, 70th Divarty comes from Ray Brown.

Article on 270th Engineers from the Camp Adair Sentry dated Oct. 15, 1943.

Company photo of C/270. Taken at Camp Adair. It is not known if the picture was taken in 1943 or 1944.

T-5 Emery Brock.

PFC Emery Brock.

Emery and his wife, Zoma Myrlon Brock. Photo may have been taken in Albany, Oregon.

Received this from a fellow in Germany, who, in his spare time, works as a WW2 researcher in the Giessen-Marburg area 50 Miles north of Frankfurt am Main. He found this order from HQ276, dated 30 July, 1945, addressed to the Burgomeister of the town of Wissmar, Germany.

Hq&Hq Bty 70th Divarty taken at Ft. Leonard Wood, Nov. 1944.