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Photos of the luger were sent to me by Dave Molchen. He bought the luger at a gun show near Akron, Ohio. It belonged to Lt. Jack Engel, 01331673, Co K 276th Inf. His name was inside the holster. The next set of photos come from Howell Scott, whose dad Wesley served with I/275. He writes: "On the Fall 2013 cover of the Trailblazer is the photo of Chapel 4 at Camp Adair. Until that photo was published, I always thought it was at Camp White near Medford, OR. I have a photo of my father (Wesley Scott I/275) and mother (Gail nee Holloway Scott) standing in front of those doors when I thought they were first married on 10 Oct 1942. I also found a photo of a Sgt. Lee Roy G. Fulcher who was a friend of my mother and father. I believe he was killed in France. I also have a photo of my father and another soldier in uniform who is unidentified (possibly named Sherman Tyler)." The company photo is that of M/275, courtesy of Brian LeBlanc.

Side shot of luger

Side shot of luger

Close view of top of luger

Shot of holster

Another shot of the holster

Engel's name inside holster

Holster manufacturer

Newlyweds Wesley and Gail Scott in front of Chapel 4 at Camp Adair.

Juanita Scott and SSgt Lee Roy G Fulcher. Fulcher was KIA on February 19, 1945. He and Wesley were good friends.

Sherman Tyler, possibly taken at Camp White.

Company M/275