Photographs - Page 104

The following pictures I obtained via ebay. They are supposedly from the collection of a 275th medic. Location and names of Trailblazers are unknown. If anyone has any information please email me!

Second from right is Miller G. Stepanovich, C/275. He was identified by family. Mannheim, Germany. Location ID by Thomas Steigler of Germany.

I donīt know were it was taken, but it has an interesting markings on it - a white arrow. You find it at many photographs taken in Germany durning and after the wartime. Now, over 65 years later, these arrows are very rare to find on German houses, the most buildings were renovated in the years after the World War II. But now the answer: If there was an air-alarm at the wartime, all inhabitants of a house went into the basement room behind this window. This room was the strongest of all - a kind of an air raid shelter. So, if the house was bombed and they survived - but they canīt go out, because it is too demolished - the arrows show the helpers from outside the right way to the people. Info from Thomas Steigler of Germany.