Photographs - Page 103

The following photos come from Chris Gallagher and the Gallagher family. Chris' dad, John R. Gallagher, served with the 725th FAB. John passed away in 1985. These are US Army Signal Corps photos that John Gallagher brought home with him after the war. Click on icons for a larger view of the picture.

Under heavy enemy fire in Nuernberg, 3rd Infantry Division, April 19, 1945. Signal Corps Photos 169-4.

Moving into Nuernberg, nazi party shrine, April 18, 1945. Signal Corps photo 169-3.

Using tank for protection from nazi fire in Nuernberg. Signal Corps Photo 169-2.

Dragon teeth on Siegried Line in Wissembourg area. Signal Corps Photo 169-1.

Rushing machine gun to new firing position, May 1, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-16.

Moving forward in valley near Tyrolean Alps near Masau. Signal Corps Photo 169-15.

Meeting heavy enemy fire in Bavarian Alps near Schnaritz. Signal Corps Photo 169-14.

German troops surrendering to 3rd Division men near Munich, Germany, April 30, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-13.

3rd Division troops move to the front in hailstorm at Augsberg. Signal Corps Photo 169-10.

Prisoners marched along road near Auland, Austria, May 2, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-9.

103rd Infantry Division troops advance into Schnaritz, Austria, May 1, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-8.

Tanks roll through razed city of Nuernberg. Signal Corps Photo 169-7.

Raising the American flag over swastika at Nuernberg stadium, April 22, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-6.

3rd Infantry Division tank-infantry team mopping up in Nuernberg. Signal Corps Photo 169-5.

Under Secretary of War Patterson, Lt. Gen. Patch, and Lt. Gen. Haislip saluting National Anthem at Salzburg, Austria, May 9, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-20.

Tearing down nazi flag at Hitler's Bavarian retreat. Signal Corps Photo 169-19.

Major General Dahlquist (former 70th Division CG) and Goering. Signal Corps Photo 169-18.

3rd Infantry Division men and tank enter Berchtesgaden, May 4, 1945. Signal Corps Photo 169-17.