Photographs - Page 10

Inscriptions on the backs of photographs taken by Harold C. Christensen who was a Tech/Sgt in Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 275th Infantry Regiment. Photographs provided by his son, Paul E. Christensen. Information contained in brackets in the inscriptions are added by editor to provide further explanation.


No inscription – appears to be Christensen in front of the platoon.

The famous Cologne Cathedral. The only bldg in Cologne still standing so far as I could see. This photo taken from a moving truck. In the foreground is the Rhine River. Crossing the newly erected Army bridge “the Gen McNair”.

The dome cathedral completed in 1235. Taken from the top of our hotel in Limberg.

No inscription.

T/5 Tyler and S/sgt Jack Rappold. Supply Sgts in Camp Adair.

Destroyed railroad bridge near Limburg Germany. (Sometimes he spelled it Limberg, sometimes Limburg)

The Heidelberg amphitheater built by Hitler in ’33. Built on top of a mountain overlooking Heidelberg. It is here that the Eagle is being trained and will make a daily flight over the city in memory of Eisenhower and the American soldiers. Seating capacity 5000.

Frontal view of the famous dome cathedral. 710 years old. Surrounds the cemetery in which you see markers dated more than 500 years ago.

I screwed up on this one as I was too anxious to get a picture of the city. This shows Tech/Sgt Schooley of Houston, Tex.

A bombed out bridge near Coblenz, Germany. This bridge is part of the beautiful autobahn (super highway) that goes through central Germany.

Coupon stub. From Harold's son Skip: "Steve - via the guest book on the website I made contact with Harold Johnson. He was not in my Dad's outfit however he took the time to look up the names/addreses of men who were. Yesterday Mr. Johnson stopped by - we're about 20 miles away. Nice visit. He looked through the photos I provided you and focused very quickly on the coupon - the last item on the disk. He said the Red Cross charged the fighting men for donuts and coffee - that coupon brought back that memory. Found it interesting that the Red Cross would charge those brave folks for a cup of coffee and a donut - put their lives on the line and have to pay for something like that. He talked about that for a while.

Edward Ralph Holden on left (id'd by daughter Charmaine Broadbent), Harold on the right. Location unknown. Photo: Christensen

Harold on the left, Tony S. Basbaso of California on the right. Location unknown. Photo: Christensen

Harold on left, unidentified on rt. "In St. Louis just before going over". Photo: Christensen

Harold in pup tent. July 1945 in Frankfurt. Photo: Christensen.

Harold overlooking Heidelberg castle. Photo: Christensen.

G Co. 1st Sgt and Harold, Franfurt - July 4, 1945. Photo: Christensen.

In Nice. MSgt Charlie Weems of Youngstown, Ohio and Harold. Photo: Christensen.

1st Sgt William McCarthy of Troy NY and Harold. Franfurt, July 4 1945. Photo: Christensen.

SSgt Madison B Dowlen from Sommerset, KY and Harold. Waldeck, Germany Sept 14 1945. Photo: Christensen.

Cpl Little-Montana, Sgt Hiob-Missouri, Harold, Cpl Adams- Massachusetts, Sgt Dudek-New Jersey. Location unknown. Photo: Christensen.

Unidentified on left, Harold on right. Location Unknown. Photo: Christensen.

Unidentified on left, Harold on right. Location Unknown. Photo: Christensen.

Unidentified on left, Harold on right. Caption states: "Going home.". Photo: Christensen.

Harold Christensen. Caption reads: "On the way to the Riviera". Photo: Christensen.