Honor Roll - Soldier's Medal

The following Trailblazers were awarded the Soldier's Medal.

Brown, Lawrence D., 17th Cavalry Rec. Sqd., (GO#103, 70th ID, 1945)*
Cantalo, Dominic J, 142nd AAA (GO#60, 70th ID, 1945)*
Cooper, Nathan, 276th Infantry
Facer, Grant T., 276th Infantry (General Order 38, dated 14 May 45)
Etheridge, Edgar, 276th Infantry
Hoffman, Anson E., 276th Infantry
Mathewson, Robert C. Jr., 276th Infantry
McInvale, Cecil W., Hqs, 1st Bn, 275th Infantry
Pieczonka, Henry A., 17th Cavalry Rec. Sqd., (GO#103, 70th ID, 1945)*
Reid, Robert C., Service Battery, 882nd Field Artillery Battalion
Szmansky, Edward, 274th Infantry (GO#53, 70th ID, 1945)

*Units appear to have been attached to the 70th ID during this time period. Hence the citations appear on 70th DIV General Orders.


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