Honor Roll - DSC

The following Trailblazers were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Name Rank Date of Award Unit Source
Samuel G. Conley COL. 19 Feb 45 274th Inf GO 496, 7th Army
Edward Crowson 1st Lt 20 Mar 45 K/274 GO 318, 7th Army
Gerald Soper PFC 6 Jan 45 F/274 GO 445, 7th Army
Charlie Pence 1st LT 14 Jun 45 275th Inf GO 120, Hqs, ETO
Sampson J. Stephens PVT 11 May 45 275th Inf GO 100, 3rd Army
Claude J. Hafner 2nd LT 6 Feb 45 276th Inf GO 100, 3rd Army
Raymond E Adams SGT 1945 F/274 GO 438, 7th Army
Howard L Arnest 1st LT 1945 276th Inf GO 579, 7th Army
John W. Cathey SSG 1945 L/274 GO 480, 7th Army
Rice E Crain SGT 1945 K/275 GO 362, 7th Army
Rondall H Glaze PVT 1945 A/275 GO 452, 7th Army
William E Lehman SSG 1945 E/274 GO 577, 7th Army


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