Honor Roll - 370th Medical Battalion

Medal Listings

BSM: Bronze Star, SSM: Silver Star
italics: posthumous award

Campbell, James H. Jr., Headquarters, 370th Medical Battalion, BSM
Cunningham, William B. Jr., 370th Medical Battalion, BSM
Daws, William E., 370th Medical Battalion, BSM
Fogg, William E., 370th Medical Battalion, BSM
Kandel, Morris A., 370th Medical Battalion, BSM

Rugel, Stan,
370th Medical Battalion, Dental Section, BSM (3rd ID GO  #378)
Van Norman, Charles F., H&S Detachment, 370th Medical Battalion, BSM

Winn, Woodrow W., 370th Medical Battalion, BSM


William B Cunningham Jr, 38 079 000, Bronze Star, Private First Class, Company B, 370th Medical Battalion, for heroic achievement in action on 16 and 17 March 1945, near St Arnual, France. Private First Class Cunningham and a comrade were called upon to give assistance to a seriously wounded soldier. Disregarding hostile machine gun and mortar fire, they promptly administered first aid and carried the wounded soldier up a steep incline to a position of safety. On the following day, under similar conditions, they again went to the assistance of a wounded comrade and, while exposed to enemy small arms fire, carried him to a covered location. Upon both occasions, a smoke screen was laid for their protection, but the enemy concentrated heavy fire on the area in which the wounded soldiers were located. This display of courage on the part of Private First Class Cunningham was beyond the call of duty and an inspiration to the troops who witnessed it. Entered military servide from Cuer(?), Texas. (Source, General Order 33, 70th Infantry Division, dated 29 April 1945)

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