Time Line
What follows is a basic time line of the Division's action in Europe.


28 Dec. 1944 - 2 Feb. 1945

The three infantry regiments (274th, 275th, 276th) of the 70th Division, without full strength, and designated as Task Force Herren, took up defensive positions along the west bank of the Rhine River, in the vicinity of Bischweiller, south of Haguenau Forest. When the enemy struck to the west, Task Force Herren units were rushed to help blunt the attack and participated in bitter actions in Northeastern France at the height of the German Winter offensive (Operation Nordwind: the enemy was attempting to drive south from the Bitche sector and north from the Colmar pocket with the objective of cutting off the entire Seventh Army west of Saverne Pass). Elements (some were attached to other HQs during this period) struck the enemy at Phillipsbourg and at Wingen. In mid-January the division moved to an area directly south of the German border bastion of Saarbrucken and carried out reconnaissance and combat patrols and improved defensive positions.

3 Feb. 1945 - 10 Feb. 1945

Task Force Herren was dissolved upon arrival of the remainder of the division. The division continued consolidating and improving defensive positions, patrolling, and conducted combat raids.

17 Feb. 1945 - 21 Mar. 1945

Offensive operations in the Saar region: the 70th began its first offensive action as a division in the area just below the Saar River. The division drove onto high ground overlooking Saarbrucken, smashed into Forbach and took Stiring-Wendel. In early March, the division drove to the south bank of the Saar River; crossed the Saar and took Sarrbrucken (20 March, 1945), swarmed through the Siegfried Line defenses along the north bank of the Saar River and drove into important cities of the Saar. On 21 March, 1945 the 70th linked up with Third Army units.

22 Mar. 1945 - 8 May, 1945

Mopping up operations began and the division also performed occupational duties in the Saar Basin area. The division was in the vicinity of Frankfurt when hostilities ceased.

11 October, 1945

The division is inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. 

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