TF Herren Summary of Operations

APO 461, U. S. ARMY

AG 314.7 (ADC)

Subject: Report on Task Force Herren
To: Commanding General, 70th Infantry Division.

1. Task Force Herren was created 6 November 1944 and was dissolved 3 February 1945. During this period, the three infantry regiments and the small headquarters detachment moved from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, to the Theater of Operations and participated in defensive and offensive action.

2. From 26 December 1944 to 3 February 1945, this Task Force was in daily contact with the enemy. In a defensive position along the Rhine River, it prevented enemy crossings and prepared a sector of the Maginot Line for defense. Later in offensive action at Philippsbourg, Wingen, and in the Baerenthal area, it inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Finally, in defensive positions south of the Sarre River, it held a front approximately seventeen kilometers long.

3. Situations which required rapid movements of units from one sector of the front to another and at times hasty employments were dictated by necessity and enemy action. Troop movements were made in good order and completed on time.

4. Conduct of troops during the entire period has been commendable. Both in offensive and defensive action, courage and fighting ability of officers and men have been demonstrated 5. The staff, both officers and enlisted men, has performed creditably all the duties required of a complete division staff. Long hours and hard work have been the rule.

6. It has been a privilege to command this force. I appreciate the whole-hearted cooperation and support of officers and men who, in combat for the first time, displayed soldierly qualities of a high order, and met and defeated the best troops of the German Army.

Thomas W. Herren
Brigadier General, USA

Assistant Division Commander

(1st Endorsement)

HEADQUARTERS 70th Infantry Division
APO 461, U. S. ARMY

10 February 1945

To: Officers and Men of Task Force Herren.

It gives me great pleasure to pass the above message to you. The difficulties under which you have operated have been many and are well known to me. Your accomplishments are definitely a credit to the Division, yourselves, and the cause we serve. Well done!

A. J. Barnett,

Major General, United States Army

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