Letters from the Front
Letters from home were a big morale booster to those troops on the front. Letters from loved ones, parents and kids made an otherwise dreadful existence a bit more civil.

REDBULLE.GIF (314 bytes)Letters from Bill Schmied to his wife, written prior to his capture in early January, 1945. Bill was the CO of B/275

REDBULLE.GIF (314 bytes)Letter from Dan Gillis to Peter Faillace's father. Peter Faillace was KIA Feb 27, 1945 and served with D/274. Letter was written in 1947.

REDBULLE.GIF (314 bytes)Letters to George Ferber and a letter to his mother.

Letter from Lawrence Chesterton, dated June, 1945 describing a concert for the troops of the 725th FA Battalion. Lawrence served as a cook with the 725th.

Letters from my Grandfather, Kelly Dixon, from Mar 44 through the occupation.

Letter from Ron Dixon to his father, Kelly Dixon, dated March 29, 1945 (all errors have been kept intact)

  • This letter is one from my dad to his dad, Kelly Dixon, who served with C/270. It shows how well the propaganda worked at home. It also must be said that what does an 11 year old know of the horrors of war.

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