The following are unit insignia for the units of the 70th. Please note that only the 274th was authorized and that was done after the war. The others are unauthorized. If anyone has any pictures or samples of unit insignia, especially for the arty and service troops please email me! We are missing the following units: 270th Engineers, 884th FAB, 570th Signal, 770th Ordnance, 70th Recon, 70th MPs, 70th Quartermasters. Please keep in mind I am not looking for Branch insignia, but rather unit insignia.

Division Insignia

274th Regimental insignia. Authorized.

275th Insignia. Unauthorized.

276th Regimental insignia. Unauthorized.

370th Medical Battalion insignia. Unauthorized and unconfirmed.

882nd FA Battalion insignia. Unauthorized

883rd FA Battalion insignia. Unauthorized.

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