The German View
Battle of the Ardennes Intensifies!
January 5th, 1945

German Wehrmacht High Command Reports:

Yesterday the battle in the northern Ardennes increased in violence still further. In combine fire by all arms, the American divisions tried once again to break through but bogged down after slight initial success. In the area of Bastogne, our armored forces continued to exert strong pressure; enemy attacks failed. Our front lines are shifting between Saargemünd and the Rhine. Despite counter-attacks by enemy troop reinforcements, our soldiers are advancing again, especially in the lower Vosges mountains in northeastern France. We have liberated the town of Weissenburg in Alsace, as well as a number of places in Lorraine, and have crossed the Lauter River in the south....

Source: Tank War, 1939-1945 by Janusz Piekalkiewicz, pg. 299

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