G3 Section Narrative, Feb 1945

APO 461, U.S.

2 March 1945

Subject: G-3 Section Narrative for February 1945

To: Commanding General 70th Infantry Division (Attn: Historical Section)

1. Following is narrative of G-3 Section for the month of February 1945:

February opened with the TFH CP located at St. Jean Rohrbach and the Division still in defensive positions and continually improving them. February 1 Operations Instructions No.15 was published and distributed to units. Orientation Film No.9 vras received and turned over to the I & E Section to be shown to all units of TFH, attached units, and all units within TFH boundaries.

Operations Instructions No.16 was published and distributed February 3. On the same date Task Force Herren was disbanded and 70th Infantry Division became operational and attached to the XV Corps per authority Ltr. AG 370.5-C, Headquarters Seventh Army, "Attachment Order."

February 5, 274th Infantry was attached to the 100th Infantry Division as Division reserve. The same date Hq and Hq Btry 70th Div Arty, 570th Signal Co, 70th MP Platoon and balance of 70th Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company closed into Division area.

February 6, 725th Field Artillery Battalion closed into vicinity Henriville, 70th Reconnaissance Troops closed in Merlebach, 270th Engineer Battalion closed into its assembly area vicinity Lixing Les St Avold, 370th Medical Battalion and 770th Ordnance Company closed into areas vicinity of Morhange. 570th Signal Company began relief of 250th Signal Company.

February 7, 882nd, 883rd., and 884th Field Artillery Battalions closed in position areas. Co B, 822nd TD Bn attached to the Division. 70th Quartermaster Company closed into area in Morhange. Operations Instructions Nol, Hq 70th Inf Div, published and distributed to units.

February 9, Training Memorandum No.1 published and distributed to units. 274th Inf reverted to Division control. 570th Signal Go completed relief of 250th Signal Co.

February 11, Training Memorandam No.2 published and distributed to units. XV Corps directed that the 70th Division prepare plans to attack to the West and North in Division sector for Corps approval. Plans were drawn, submitted and approved by the XV Corps.

February 15, Field Order No.1 and Operations Instructions No.2 & 3 were published and distributed to units. 433rd AAA AW Bn attached to Division. Co C, 714th Tk Bn attached to Division for training purposes. 99th Chemical Mortar Bn also attached to Division.

February 16, 648th TD Bn attached to Division.

February 17, Co C, 714th Tk Bn relieved of attachment to Division. Operations Instructions No.4 published and distributed to units. Three Inf Regts jumped off in attack to take objectives as prescribed in FO #1, Hq 70th Inf Div and in conjunction with the 63rd Div and 101st Cav Gp. Moderate to strong resistance was encountered.

February 18, Division continued to attack to the North. Enemy cleared from Grossblittersdorf, Lixing, Oeting and Etzling. Operations Instructions No.5 published and distributed to units.

February 19, 274th Inf with 3rd Bn 275th Inf reached initial objectives South of Spicheren. 275th Inf secured Grossblittersdorf and Hardtwald Woods. 276th Inf on S and SE edge of Forbach. Operations Instructions No.6 published and distributed to units.

February 20, Attack continued North toward Division objective. 275th cleared ZingZing, Alsting, Hesseling. 276th attacked Forbach. Operations Instructions No.7 published and distributed to units.

February 21, Division continued to advance. Elements of 275th Inf in position NE part of Regtl objective. 274th Inf captured Spicheren. 276th Inf still fighting in Forbach. Operations Instructions No.8 published and distributed to units.

February 22, 275th on final objective. 274th Inf secured objective on high ground N of Spicheren and E of Forbach, and Sarrebruck Road. Two thirds of Forbach cleared by 276th Inf. Operations Instructions No.9 published and distributed to units.

February 23, Division continued to drive enemy to N. Forbach cleared of enemy to railroad tracks by 276th Inf. 275th Inf on Division objective. Division prepared to continue attack to Division objective. Operations Instructions No.10 published and distributed to units.

February 24, 274th Inf and 276th Inf prepared to continue attack. 275th Inf organized positions for defense. Operations Instructions No.11 published and distributed to units.

February 25, Division secured positions. Operations Instructions No.12 published and distributed to units.

During the month Lt.Gen. Devers, CG Sixth Army Group, Lt. Gen. Patch, CG Seventh Army, Maj. Gen. Haislip, CG XV Corps and Maj. Gen, Milburn., CG XXI Corps visited the G-3 War Room. 70th Division passed to the control of the XXI Corps 1200, 28 February.

Month of February closed with Division reorganizing and regrouping in preparation to continue the attack.

(Signature) E.C. Townsend
Lt. Col., GSC
AC of S., G-3

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