G2 Journal Feb 12, 1945


From: 120001A Feb 45
To: 122400A Feb 45

................................                        G-2 JOURNAL

0115 2 Fr. G-2, 70th Div (Lt Bunzell) to G-2, XV Corps (Sgt LaChance)(tel): Q. Do you have the weather report? A. 12 Feb: A few breaks in the clouds in the early morning will appear. Steady rains will cease before 0600, with frequent showers during day. Visibility 3 - 4 miles except in rain, when it will be 1 - 2 miles. Minimum temperature 38. Maximum 48. ACTION TAKEN: Included in G-2 Per Rep No. 9.
0210 4 Fr S-2, 274th Inf (Lt Donchess) to G-2 (Lt Bunzell) (tel): At 0150A approximately 50 AT (square) mines about 300 yards SW of RJ at Q438624 16 to 18 inches square found on top of road. Not camouflaged. Bridge at Q 437623 apparently not mined. Bridge was examined in dark. Along NE BOUCHBACH found dry branches on road. At RJ Q438624 found timbers available for road blocks. NE of mines road broken; seems as if mines are buried (?). Will give more details as to location of mines on road as soon as possible. ACTION TAKEN: M.
0220 5 Fr S-2, 274th Inf (Lt Donchess) to G-2 (Lt Bunzell) (tel): Received MG fire from bridge at Q43756230. Placed 61-mm/ mortar fire on bridge at 0119A.
0220 6 Fr S-2, 370th Med Bn (Capt Cornell) to G-2 (Lt Bunzell) (msg): Operation and Intelligence Report from 101800 to 111800 Feb 45.
0330 7 Fr S-2, 274th Inf (Lt Donchess) to G-2 (Lt Krebs) (tel): Location of minefield (J.E. #4) distance from mines to where road broken up is 50 yards. MG fire from bridge at Q437623 at 0225A. Fired 25 rounds mortar at MG and gun was silenced. At 0230A MG fire from Q448619. Artillery placed on MG and gun silenced. ACTION TAKEN: M, Corps ISUM.
0335 8 Fr S-2, 275th Inf to G-2 (Lt Krebs): Received Patrol Overlay for 12 Feb 45.
0355 9 Fr S-2, 276 Inf to G-2 (Lt Krebs) (msg) Patrol/Overlay for 11 Feb 45 with Patrol Report on Patrols #46 and #47. ACTION TAKEN: M.
0430 10 Fr Message Center to G-2 (Lt Krebs): Delivered following documents:
Unit Report No. 5 - Hq 70th Inf Div Arty
Unit Report No. 5 - 270 Engr Combat Battalion
Unit Report No. 2 - 70th Reconnaissance Troop
Unit Report No. 3 - 70th Cavalry Reconnaissance Tr
Unit Report No.44 - 274th Infantry
Unit Report No.46 - 275th Infantry
Weather Report from 2lst Weather Squadron, 11 Feb 45. ACTION TAKEN: To Chief Clerk.
0440 11 Fr G-2, 70th Div to G-2, XV Corps (thru Message Center): Forwarded eleven copies of G-2 Periodic Report No. 9 112000A Feb 45.
0600 12 Fr G-3 (S/Sgt Olson) to G-2 (Sgt Shelton): Delivered one copy of G-3 Periodic Report No. 9, with overlay. ACTION TAKEN: To Chief Clerk
0700 13 Fr C/S, 70th Div to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs)(msg): GO #3. Action: F
0700 14 Fr AG. 70th Div to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs)(msg): Ltr Subject "Withdrawal of Binoculars and Compasses, Lensatic from G-2 Units" and Operations Memo No. 8 dated 9 Feb 45.
0700 15 Fr Seventh Army Photo Centre to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (msg): General Interpretation Report No. S/75. Action: F.
0700 16 Fr Hq, MIS, ETO USA To G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (msg): Ltr, subj: "Promotion of Intelligence Specialist Personnel". Action: V.
0705 17 Fr Hq, 6th Army Gp, US Army, to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (msg): The 3d Order of the Day, subj: "The Officers of the Seventh Army" Action: BB and F.
0705 18 Fr S-2, 274 to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs)(tel): Nothing new to report. Action: Corps.
0705 19 Fr S-2, 276 (Lt. McBride) to G-2 70th Div (Lt. Krebs)(tel): Patrol #48: Left at 2000A back at 012OA. Followed planned route. At 2045A saw 2 flashes of light near group of trees vic of 37965l. Moved to AT ditch at 378653. To dark to see across. Listened for 1 1/2 hours. At 2320A heard 3 personnel walking SW on other side or trench, unable to see them. On return route checked group of trees but observed nothing. At 0145A MG fire from 366651. 5 enemy rifle shots 366650 at, 0145. At 0149 A MP fire 361645. 0400A sounds of boards being
0705 19 (con't) moved and dropped and sounds of hammering at 369647. 0500A 2 rounds of enemy artillery at 636653. At 0545A 7 rounds of artillery in same vicinity. Action: Corps, M, Divarty.
0715 20 Fr S-2, 275 (Maj. O'Donnell) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): At 0300 A bursts of MG fire at 455615. 0458A enemy S/A fire from vic LIXING. Patrol #1 left 0100A back 0300A - negative. Patrol #2 security job - negative. Patrol #3 left 2215A back at 0115A. Encountered barbed wire 457616 booby trapped second strand 457616. On reaching second strip patrol fired at from house 458616. Stream crossing difficult due to swift current. Action: M, S, Divarty, Corps Isum.
0720 21 Fr S-2, 70th Divarty to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Negative report. Action: J
0730 22 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) to G-2, XV Corps (Col. Boatwright)(tel): Limited amount of enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire during period. 9 rounds of enemy artillery vic 369647 between 0500 and 0545A. Patrol encountered booby trapped barbed wire at 459616. Other patrol located approximately 50 square AT mines about 300 yards SW of RJ at 438624. 50 yds NE form there are indications of more buried mines on road. No Pw's, no vehicles dstroyed, weather-raining, visibility-poor. Action: Corps, C/S.
0815 23 Fr CO, 70th Rcn Tr to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (msg): 1. Patrols at vic RJ at 479614, 455617, 386644, night of Feb 11 45 as directed by G-2. 2. No assigned boundries. 3. CP FREYMING 322608. 4. Resistance encountered: none. Action: G-2, F.
0817 24 Fr S-2, 70th Divarty (Maj. Larrick) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Wening) (tel): 9 rounds of artillery - unknown caliber, fell at 363653 at 0545A. Action: M.
0820 25 Fr S-2, 276 to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Correction of coordinate 636653 reported in JE#19. Entry should read "0500A 2 rounds of enemy artillery at 363653." Action: M.
0835 26 Fr S-2, 70th Divarty (Lt Foster) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Wening) (tel): At 2050A 427618 azimuth 1070, 2 rounds. Flash to bang 36 seconds on each round. 2130A 49565746 1 round heavy mortar. Action: M.
0830 27 Fr Ex. Officer, 70th Rcn Trp., to G-2 , 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (msg): Patrol #1 saw flares over BCO at 2323At 2120A. Search or spotlights shining in vicinity of MORSBACH toward FORBACH. Small arms fire heard at 0135A. Continuous flares over S.FORBACH from 0140A to 0200A. Heard small arms fire from MORSBACH.
0845 28 Fr S-2, 275 (Lt Ainsworth) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Wening) (tel): Patrol #1 had two patrols on same route. 1st left at 2100A returned at 2245A. 1-75mm landed at 497575. Action: Map.
0847 29 Fr SSS (Lt Mark) to G-2, 70th Div, (Lt Wening) (tel): Q: Is my man still up there? A. Yes he is. All right I will send up after him soon.
0855 30 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) to G-2, to S-2, 274 (Maj Walker) (tel): Requested additional information about unconfirmed report of 2 friendly patrols firing at each other. Major Walker is making up that report now and will give us complete picture as soon as available. Action: Map, Maj. Seely
0900 31 Fr S-2, 70th Divarty (Sgt Bianco) to G-2, 70th Div (S/Sgt Schram) (tel): Period from 2130 to 0800A - MG at house vic 458616 - MG at 435633 - 15 man enemy patrol vic 444624 observed at 2345A. At 0400A various sounds of construction at 369647. 0500A to 0545A 9 rds enemy artillery at 363653. Action:  Map
0920 32 Fr Co, 70th Rcn Trp. to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (msg): 1. Patrols #2 and #3 carried out mission as directed. 2. No resistance encountered - sectors quite.
0920 33 Fr Ass't Div Comdr, 70th Div to to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Request weather forecast from now through 20 Fe 45. Called Capt Davis, XV Corps. Q. Do you have the weather report from now through 20 Feb 45? A. No, but I will find out at weather bureau and call back.
0940 34 Fr IPW, 276 (Capt Hoerner to  G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): IPW, 274th asked IPW, 276th to turn over air photos to them. Instructed IPW, 276th  to keep their photos while they remain in present sector.
0940 35 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Wening) to S-2, 274th, 275th and 276th Inf. Reg. (tel): Rcn Trp CO will coordinate with them this PM with regard to patrol activities.
0920 36 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Maj Seely) to CO, 70th Rcn Tr. (msg): Send patrols night 12 Feb to Q442622; Q496602; Q36556460. Remain at locations two hours. Report all seen and heard. Coordinate with each Regt'l S-2.
0945 37 Fr G-2, XV Corps (Maj Gunther) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Will have weather report  up to and including 17 Feb 45 by 1200A today. Action: Lt. Owen.
1040 38 Fr S-2, 274 (Lt. Gordon) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (tel): One PW captured and being interrogated now. Will give us complete report as soon as possible. Small arms fire from vicinity of  BEHREN 0900A. Action: Map.
1045 39 Fr G-2, XV Corps (Maj Gunther) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Would like to ascertain from civilians what factories are operating in FORBACH area and if some of them have been evacuated. To MII: Lt. Kneupfer.
1100 40 Fr Ex. O., 70th Rcn Tr. to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (msg): Sitrep No. 3, no change.
1115 41 Fr S-2, 276 (Maj Leard) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (tel): Nothing to report. All quite.
1116 42 Fr S-2, 275 (Lt Ainsworth) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Small arms fire at 0712A from vic GROSBLIEDERSTROFF. Action: Corps.
1125 43 Fr G-2 70th Div (Lt Krebs) to S-2, 70th Divarty (Lt Foster) (tel): Negative report.
1130 44 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) to G-2, XV Corps (tel): Small arms fire from vic BEHREN Q4263 and GROSBLIEDERSTROFF Q4862 during period. Otherwise sector quite. 1 PW captured. No vehicles destoyed. Weather: raining, visibility poor. Action: C/S, CG, Ass't Div Cmdr.
1130 45 Fr C/S, 70th Div to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): The C/S only wants pertinent extracts from G-2 Journal, and not entire copy.
1150 46 Fr S-2, 370th Med Bn (Capt Cornell) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (tel): Would like to have the correct information on censorship. Regulations and disclosure inlast Trailblazer bulletin do not correspond. Action: Maj Seely.
1200 47 Fr S-2, 274 (Cpl Ravering) to G-2, 70th Div. (Lt. Krebs)(tel): Patrol #1 left woods 453613 and proceeded NE, crossed river at 45056200 then went E between stream and road in vic of 455622 1 enemy observed running into woods to front. Investigation showed a covered OP on road at 456622. Soon after enemy troops began to approach from woods at 456623 at 2145A and movement heard vic 454623 and noise of handling boxes at 458623. Patrol withdrew crossing stream at 455620. (5 feet deep and swift). Patrol left at 1900A back at 2330A. No fire drawn by patrol. Action: Map, Corps.
1230 48 Fr S-2, 270th Engr (Capt. Bodmer) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (msg): Unit Intelligence Report No. 4. Action: Chief Clerk.
1230 49 Fr G-2, Seventh Army to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs)(msg): G-2 Report No. 180. Action: Chief Clerk.
1230 50 Fr G-2 Air, Seventh Army (Maj. Frazier) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Krebs) (msg): Ltr, subj: "Tactical Reconnaissance Routes and Areas", dated in effect 10 Feb. 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
1230 51 Fr  G-2 XV Corps (Welch) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Krebs) (msg): G-2 Periodic Report No. 182. Action: Chief Clerk.
1315 52 Fr Hq. 70th Div AG to CO, CIC  70th Div (msg): MRU Rosters. To be corrected and returned to AG Office in 72 hours. Action: Chief Clerk.
1315 53 Fr 3151 SIAM Co to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (msg): Msg #3, Platoon D-4. Action: Chief Clerk.
1315 54 Fr S-2 70th Divarty to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (msg): ISUM for period 2130 to 0800A. Action: Map G-2, Chief Clerk.
1315 55 Fr CAO, 70th Div (Maj Kennedy) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth)(msg): Daily Report of Civil Affairs, 70th Div. Action: Chief Clerk.
1315 56 Fr XV Corps (Ln. O.-Capt. Mitchell) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (msg): Briefing Notes XV Corps. Action: Chief Clerk.
1315 57 Fr S-2, 274 (Maj Walker) to G-2, 70th Div. (Lt. Wening) (tel): Information from PW captured at 449619 at 0700A 12 Feb 45. From 1st Co. 119th Fusiliers, 19th VG. 1st Co. 119th Fusiliers deployed on ridge of hill 446627 to 447624. Mission to hold present positions. Strength of Co, 41 men; 1st platoon 21 men, 3 squads, 2nd platoon 20 men, 3 squads. Weapons in company: 4 LMG's, 3 machine pistols, 6-8 panzerfausts (note: similar to bazookas). Men equipped with M98K rifles. CP 1st Co, 119 Fus. on 11 Feb vicinity 447628. CP, 1st platoon - last house on road in KERBACH 446626 on 11 Feb. Moved into present position 8 Feb. Left BLIESBRUCK Q5957 on 6 Feb. Received 6 replacements at that time. 2 rows barbed wire 50-100 meters in front of 1st Co. with row facing American positions booby trapped with hand grenades. Mines, type and number unknown, on road from KERBACH to BOUSBACH. Enemy password from 12001A to 122400A Feb 45 patrol 'ARNE' countersign 'VERPFLICHTUNG'. Use of password sentry challenges with parole, person passing answers with countersign. No other conversation takes place. Action: XV Corps, Map, Order of Battle.
1345 58 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) to G-2, XV Corps (Col Boatwright) (tel): Contents of Journal Entry #57 reported to Lt. Sarmiento of the OB team through Col Boatwright. Also asked to check on weather report requested in Journal Entry #33. Maj. Qunther is checking and will call as soon as they find out.
1350 59 Fr G-2, XV Corps (Welch) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Hagerth) (msg): ISUM to Seventh US Army-covering period 120001 to 121200A Feb 45: Enemy continued quiet during period, with usual SA, were seen on 100th Div front during the night, and at 0930A 3 man enemy patrol was sighted at woods 327707. Identifications: 3 Bn 38 SS Pz GR - 17 SS Pz GD vic Q6154. 1 Bn 1126 Inf Regt 559 Div vic Q7451. Weather: raining, visiblity poor. Action: G-2, OB, Chief Clerk.
1410 60 Fr G-2 , 26 Div to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Wening) (msg): ISUM No. 21 for period 112200 to 121000A. Action: Chief Clerk.
1420 61 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Maj Seely) to G-2, XV Corps (tel): Civilians in FRANCALTROFF reported by 1101 Engr Gp S-2 to have information and statistics on a V-1 manufacturing plant in woods near OBERRADERACH 11 km from FREDRICHSCHAFEN, GERMANY and an aluminum plant in GINGEN, GERMANY (same area). Can be reached through XV Corps, 1101 Engr, Ask for Lt. Heney.
1430 62 Fr S-2, 274 (Maj Walker) to G-2, 70th Div. (Lt. Hagerth) (msg): Message No. 1 - Attached overlay of patrols for 12 Feb 45 and IPW Report. Action: Map, Order of Battle.
1440 63 Fr G-2, XV Corps (Maj Gunther) to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (tel): Had some difficulty decoding message from higher echelon which accounts for part of the delay in weather report Journal Entry 33. Believe should be ready and will teletype message down as fast as possible. Report is pretty complete to 16 Feb 45 and sketchy thereafter.
1450 64 Fr G-3, 70th Div to G-2 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (msg): Inclosures 2 and 3 to TM #2, Hq. 70th Inf Div, 11 Feb 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
1450 65 Fr SIAM Co. to G-2, 70th Div (Lt. Hagerth) (msg): Msgs #4,5,6,7,8,9. Action: Chief Clerk.
1452 66 Fr CG, 70th Div to G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) (tel): Gen Barnett has left for 276th CP; Gen Herren has left for 274 CP.
1455 67 Fr G-2 (Lt Hagerth) to S-2, (Maj Larrick) (tel): Information from Interrogation Report #26 received at 1410 phoned to Divarty as possible artillery targets.
1500 68 Fr G-3 Air (Maj Thorne) to G-2, 70th (Lt Wening) (tel): Fighter-bomber squadron, mission #47. 110845 Feb dive bombed train moving NE at Q487720. Damaged locomotives. Observed 2 trains moving West at Q4073. Complement unknown. Observed a 20 boxcar train moving north at Q4966. Action: Map.
1505 69 Fr G-2 to MII Team (Capt Wiederanders) (Tel): When the PW captured by 274 Inf Reg this morning comes to division cage please give me a ring. I would like to give you some questions to ask him. He is from 119 Fusilier Bn of 19VGD.
1605 70 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) to S-2, 275 (Maj O'Donnell) (tel): In the report from a PW captured this morning, the important information is the passing of the enemy countersign from 120001 to 122400 Feb 45; the parole "ARNE" and the countersign "VERPFLICHTUNG". The use of   password; sentry challenges with the parole and the person passing uses the countersign. No other conversation takes place. The identification is 119th Fuselier Bn, 19VGD.
1606 71 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) to S-2, 276 (Pvt Stevens) (tel): Same message as No. 70.
1610 72 Fr 101 Cav Gp, S-2, to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (msg): 1 copy of S-2 periodic report for period 110001 Feb to 112400 Feb 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
1615 73 Fr S-2 (Lt Foster) 70 Divarty to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (tel): Questioned regarding censorship regulations on mentioning 7th Army tie up with 70th Div. Have regulations changed? Answered to the effect that rules still forbid mention of 7th Army in mail home in spite of Stars & Stripes & BBC mention Circular 6 ETOOSA dated 17 Jan still applies in absence of further instructions.
1615 74 Fr S-2, 274th (Maj Walker) to G-2, 70th Div, (Lt Hagerth) (Tel): Patrol marked cancelled on patrol overlay for 12-13 Feb will go out at 2400 and return at 0300 13 Feb. Report for period all quiet.
1620 75 Fr 3151 SIAM Co. to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (Msg): Msgs No. 10,11,12,13, and 14. Action: Chief Clerk.
1620 76 Fr 3151 SIAM Co. to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (Msg): Msgs No. 14,15,16. Action: Chief Clerk.
1620 77 Fr G-2, XV Corps (Maj Guillier) to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (tel): Weather report, journal entry #33, coming down by teletype. Had to be paraphrased. Original coming down by liason officer tomorrow.
1630 78 Fr to S-2, 275 (Lt Ainsworth) to G-2, (Lt Hagerth) (tel): Report for period - all quiet.
1635 79 Fr S-2, 70th Divarty (Pvt Murphy) to G-2 (Lt. Hagerth) (tel): Report for period 1045 - 1630: enemy activity at 38256500, possible assembly area. Reported at 1503. Action: Map.
1640 80 Fr G-2 (Maj Seely) to S-2 276 INF (tel): Q. What are map co-ordinates of the unfinished factory between MORSBACH and FORBACH? A. 372649.
1655 81 Fr S-2, 276 Inf (Maj Leard) to G-2 (Lt Hagerth) (tel): At 1515, 10 enemy seen at 399638. Sector otherwise quiet. Action: Map.
1700 82 Fr G-2 XV Corps (Maj Guenther) to G-2 (Lt. Hagerth) (tel): In 2200 ISUM tonite please give enemy frontline co-ordinates. (Note: advised him this would be an approximation. He concurred.)
1700 83 Fr G-2 (Lt Hagerth) to G-2 XV Corps (tel): ISUM FOR PERIOD 121130A to 121700 Feb. 2 PW's captured during period. PW reported in previous ISUMS from 1st Co. 119 FUSILIER BN 19VGD. Enemy activity noted at 38256500 and 10 enemy seen at 399638. Sector otherwise quiet. Weather: Raining. No vehicles destoyed. Action: Copy of ISUM to CG, ADC and C/S.
1710 84 Fr G-2 (Maj Seely) to CO 70th Rcn Trp (Msg): Send patrols night 13 Feb to Q393635, Q449620, Q489617. Remain in observation 2 hours, return and report all seen and heard to G-2 direct. Have officer coordinate with each Regt'l S-2 by 1000 13 Feb.
1720 85 Fr G-2  (Lt Hagerth) to S-2, 275 Inf (Cpl Faye), S-2, 274 Inf (Maj Walker), 276 Inf (Sgt Morgan) (tel): Officer from Rcn Troop will coordinate with you on patrols by 1000 13 Feb.
1815 86 Fr S-2, 276 Inf to G-2 (Lt Wening) (Msg): Patrol overlay for #53, 12 Feb 45. Action: Map.
1830 87 Fr S-2, (Capt Bristol) 433d AAA AW Bn to G-2 (Tel): Nothing to report. Sector quiet all day. (Lt Wening)
1830 88 Fr CO, 70th Rcn Trp (Lt Koefod) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (Msg): Sitrep #4 for period 121700 Feb 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
1900 89 Fr XV Corps to G-2 (Lt Wening) (Msg): Received 6 sets minefield overprint maps. Action: 1 set to: G-3, S-2 274 Inf, 275 Inf, 276 Inf, G-2 and 270th Eng Bn.
1935 90 Fr S-2, Divarty (Maj Larrick) to G-2 (Lt. Wening) (Tel): 2 unidentified aircraft last seen flying North dropped flares at 3855. Action: S-2, 274 Inf, 275 Inf, and 276 Inf.
1950 91 Fr 3151 SIAM CO to G-2 (Lt Wening) (msg): Msg #17, 21 Feb 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
1955 92 Fr S-2, 275 Inf to G-2 (Lt Wening) (msg): Patrol Overlay for 12 Feb 45. Action: Map.
2000 93 Fr G-2 XV Corps to G-2 (Lt. Wening) (msg): G-2 Report #244 3d US Army. Action: Chief Clerk.
2000 94 Fr G-2 7th Army to G-2 (Lt Wening) (msg): Receipt of X-733, #109 and 110 - DB; 152, 153, 155, 156 - 3 copies, 171-174. Action: Chief Clerk.
2010 95 Fr 270th Engr Bn. S-3, (Maj Murphy) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (Mesg): Unit Report No. 6 for period 111800A to 121800A Feb 45. Action: Chief Clerk.
2015 96 Fr XV Corps to G-2 (Lt Wening) (bookmsg): Sitrep No. 509.
2015 97 Fr MII to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): Civilians interrogated this evening had no knowledge of enemy reinforcements in Forbach. Action: G-2
2100 98 Fr G-3, 70th Div to G-2 (Lt. Wening) (Msg): Journal Highlights 12 Feb. Action: Chief Clerk.
2130 99 Fr S-2, Divarty (Sgt Boyd) to G-2 (Lt. Wening) (tel): ISUM FOR period 1630-2130: MG vic 458616, 4 or 5 bursts encountered by patrol 1700; at 1700 MG bridge crossing vic 438623; at 1900 MG's at vic 474623; 1805 MG and mortar fired on 48536122 fire was effective; 1900 liason officer reported patrol leaving woods at 490652 to river to 490616; 1820 enemy strong point 46006162 fired on and was effective. Action: Corps, Map.
2135 100 Fr S-2, 275 Inf (Cpl Faye) to G-2 (tel): 1 white flare at 1945 vic 473614. Otherwise quiet.
2154 101 Fr 3151 SIAM Co to G-2 (Lt Wening) (msg): Msg #18, 121840A Feb. Action: Chief Clerk.
2154 102 Fr Sig O to G-2 (Lt Wening) (msg): 70th Div Traffic Diagram #13. Action: Cheif Clerk.
2155 103 Fr Fr CAO (Maj Kennedy) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): Daily Report 12 Feb 45. Action: Cheif Clerk.
2145 104 Fr S-2, 274 Inf (Maj Walker) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): ISUM for period ending 122115A Feb: Enemy MG heard vicinity KERBACH, 200 rounds, at 2025A. Otherwise quiet.
2147 105 Fr OB, 70th Div (Lt Hagerth) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): Prisoner of war from 19th Fusilier Company (Reconnaissance Company). Coordinates of sector: Q44156305 to other side HARDTWALD. 1st Platoon Q44156305 to Q447459. 2d Platoon left of first platoon. Replacement unit is the 3d Rec Repl & Training Battalion in GOTTINGEN. They left TRIER on 29 January fro BLIESBRUCH, left BLIESBRUCH for KERBACH 6-8 February. Company CP at Q445630. Action Taken: Corps ISUM, Map, 70th Div Arty.
2150 106 Fr S-2, 274 Inf (Maj Walker) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): MG fire received at 2220A, azimuth 5. Requested fire from Cannon Company. No more fire received from MG.
2200 107 Fr G-2, 70th Div (Lt Bunzell) to G-2, XV Corps (Lt Tuckerman) (tel): ISUM for period ending 12200A Feb: Enmy activity was limited to small arms and MG fire on friendly patrols and forward elements and a limited amount of mortar fire and artillery fire. Enemy remained on the defensive. Enemy front lines: Q500572 - Q492615 - Q450620 - Q440624 - Q430624 - Q420630 - Q417634 - Q400636 - Q390640 - Q387645 - Q374650 - Q365655. Prisoners of War: 3. No vehicles destoyed. Weather: Rain. Visibility, poor. ACTION TAKEN: Copy to C/S.
2210 108 Fr S-2, 276 Inf. (Maj Leard) to G-2 (Lt Wening) (tel): At 2020A 3 rounds artillery at Q363654; at 2030A 8 rounds artillery at Q358653; at 2058A 1 round artillery at Q368654. White and yellow flares. ACTION TAKEN: Corps ISUM, 70 Divarty.
2230 109 Fr G-3 Air, 70th Div (Maj Thorne) to G-2 (Lt Bunzell) (tel): 11 Feb 45: At 0915A Mission No. 9 dive bombed 25 box car train facing W Q532857, destroyed locomotive, 12 box cars, 10 box cars damaged. Dive bombed five troops and approximately 150 box cars; 2 locomotives and 3 buildings destoyed in marshaling yards, 3 rail cuts. Mission #47 at 0845A dive bombed train moving NE at Q437720, damaged locomotive.
2235 110 Fr S-2, 274 Inf (Maj Walker) to G-2 (Lt Bunzell) (tel): MG fire from vicinity Q447624.
2350 111 Fr Hq 370 Med Bn to G-2: Operations and Intelligence Periodic Report for period 111800 Feb to 121800 Feb 45. ACTION TAKEN: To Chief Clerk.

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