Company Histories, Pamphlets
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Abbreviations || Call Signs

Now available! Index to names in Snow Ridges and Pillboxes. Thanks to Wilson DeCamp for heading up this project!

Name index to photos that appeared in the book "Ordeal in The Vosges" now available. PDF only at the moment. Thanks to Lou Hoger for sending the list.

Newspaper Clippings

Chicago Tribune
Front Page - Stars and Stripes, May 8, 1945

Wartime Publications

Title Year Size/Format Link
Fort Leonard Wood 1941 17Megs/PDF Download
70th Division Trailblazers
Camp Adair
1943 8 Megs/PDF Download
276th Infantry Organization Day 1943 580K/PDF Download
Season's Greetings 1944 10 Megs/PDF Download
Trailblazers in Action 1945 6.6 Megs/PDF Download
Boston POE
Camp Myles Standish
Unknown 3.3 Megs/PDF Download
Camp Myles Standish Phone Service Unknown 547K/PDF Download
As you Were
1943 6.1 Megs/PDF Download
Rock Rhythm 1944 12 Megs/DPF Download
Trailblazers* 1945 11 Megs/PDF Download
Camp Kilmer 1945 1.6 Megs/PDF Download
Going Back to Civilian Life 1945 3.2 Megs/PDF Download

*Credits: This is one of a series of G.I. Stories of the Groups, Air and Service Forces in the European Theater, issued by the Orientation Branch Information and Education Division, Hq. USFET, Major General Allison J. Barnett commanding the 70th Infantry Division, lent his co-operation and basic material was supplied by his staff. Photos: 70th Inf. Div., U.S. Signal Corps. Printer: P. Dupont, Paris.

Company Histories
274th Infantry Regiment

Company Author Size/Format Link
AT/274 Clorety 20M/PDF Download
A/274 Hill 6.3M/PDF Download
B/274 Inzer
Meidal (retype)
520K/Word Doc
C/274 Unknown 5 parts Open
D/274 Rokahr 39M/PDF Download
2nd Bn
Med Det History
Waterhouse 2.2M/PDF Download
F/274 Fajardo (1945) 3M/PDF Download
F/274 Smith 4M/PDF Download
3rd BN Unknown 5.5M/PDF Download
I/274 Yarus, et. al. 12.2M/PDF Download
K/274 Delorme 4.7M/PDF Download

Company Histories
275th Infantry Regiment

Company Author Size/Format Link
RegHq/275th Various 1.6M/PDF Download
Med Det Unknown 59K/DOC
Download (doc)
Download (pdf)

Cn/275 Unknown 211K/PDF Download
Sv/275 Unknown 297K/PDF Download
AT/275 Unknown 2.5M/PDF Download
1st Bn Unknown 397K/PDF Download
A/275 Unknown 15K/PDF Download
B/275 Unknown 444K/PDF Download
C/275 Docken 8.6M/PDF Download
D/275 St. Clair 1.4M/PDF Download
F/275 Park 3.7M/PDF Download
G/275 Southard 1.5M/PDF Download
3rd Bn Roti & Reaser 2.3M/PDF Download
K/275 Moss 2.9M/PDF Download
M/275 Unknown 900K/PDF Download

Company Histories
276th Infantry Regiment

Company Author Size/Format Link
A/276 Lowry 2.9M/PDF Download
A/276 Friedman (1945) 1.1M/PDF Download
G/276 Brubaker 315K/PDF Download

Other Documents

Title Author Size/Format Link
Blue Blazer 3/276 Newspaper
Aug 8, 1945
various 1.5M/PDF Download
The Fallen Foe: America's German POWs 1942-1946 US Army Engineer Museum
Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.
3M/PDF Download
Mines and Booby Traps - Nov 1944 War Department 2.5M/PDF Download
Wingen-sur-Moder Commerative Booklet (1989) City of Wingen-sur-Moder 2.9M/PDF Download
Petite Rosselle 2005 Commerative Items Petite-Rosselle 1.3M/PDF Download
Memories of your visits to Lorraine - France 2007 Students from Lycée "Jean Moulin" 1.1M/PDF Download
Hit Kit 1943 Special Services 638K/PDF Download

Special Troops

Company Author Size/Format Link
270th Engineers Steve Dixon 40M/PDF Download
770th Ordnance Unknown 41M/PDF Download
C/725 Bill Dryden 184K/PDF Download
884th FA Bn Unknown 3.4M/PDF Download

Attached Units

Unit Author Size/Format Link
93rd AFA Bn Reinertsen 3M/PDF Download
493rd AFA Bn Shepard 42M/PDF Download
781st Tank Bn Unknown 16M/PDF Download

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Commemorative comic book edition of the history of the 70th, published by DC Comics. This may have come from a Sgt Rock issue from the 1960s.

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