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Credited Campaigns of the 70th (Guide: Campaign Geography PDF)

General Board Meeting 20 Nov 1945
Organization, Equipment, and Tactical Employment of the Infantry Division (Generals Barnett and Dahlquist attended this meeting held at the Grand Hotel, Bad Nauheim, Germany)


  • Letter from SHAEF HQ to all troops. Distributed after war ended.

  • Circular 31, dated Mar 1945 dealing with reporting of battle casualties

  • Addendum dated April, 1945 dealing with reporting of battle casualties

Army Ground Forces

Third Army

6th Army Group

Seventh US Army Report of Operations: Nordwind Related Reports

Seventh US Army Report of Operations: Feb - Mar 1945

Seventh Army Medical History

Seventh Army - OSS Detachment

358th Fighter Group
The 358th FG provided close combat support missions for the 70th.

XXI Corps

  • A commendation from XXI Corps HQ to the Division dated 1 April 1945.

101st Cavalry Group

Task Force Herren

70th Infantry Division
(unless otherwise stated, coordinates in the documents below refer to the Forbach Map 36-12 located here.)

Division Narratives

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Miscellaneous (War Department Manuals- World War II):

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Commemorative comic book edition of the history of the 70th, published by DC Comics. This may have come from a Sgt Rock issue from the 1960s.

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