Devers Letter
The following text is on file in the National Archives. It is reprinted from the Fall 1998 issue of the Trailblazer, the Association's magazine. Error has been noted in text with red asterix. 

Office of the Commanding General
Washington,  D. C.

21 September 1945
SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation
TO: Commanding General, 70th Infantry Division

Strong devotion to duty permits the fighting men of the 70th Infantry Division to stand proudly with other courageous American soldiers who swept across Western Europe to crush Nazism and the tyranny which threatened our civilization. To these men and to their gallant comrades who fell in battle, a grateful nation pays deep homage.

The Trailblazer Division is deserving of praise and recognition for an impressive combat record, highlighted by its reduction of the Bitche salient, crossing of the Saar River, capture of Saarbrucken and reduction of the prize Saar Basin. The story of our great victory would not be complete without the chapter written by the 70th Division as it breached the formidable Siegfried Line defenses to permit a juncture with the Third Army.

Best known for its skill and tenacity during the bitter fighting in Northeastern France after von Rundstedt had launched his ill-fated winter drive, the 70th Division was committed to defensive positions in the line less than three weeks after its arrival in France in December, 1944. Activated at Camp Adair, Oregon, on 15 June 1943, the Division moved to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in July, 1943* to complete its training.

Although the 70th Infantry Division is now being deactivated, the heroism and self-sacrifice of its officers and men will never be forgotten. Thus it is my privilege to join your fellow countrymen in commending you for your splendid accomplishments.

/a/ Jacob L. Devers,
/t/ Jacob L. Devers,
General, USA,

A. J. Barnett
Brig. Gen. GSC.

* Should be 1944

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