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Available here are documents from the Center of Military History. It provides background information relating to the 70th Infantry Division and its deployment into combat.
  • The Battle of Alsace...from the US Army's Official History.
  • Operation Nordwind...from the US Army's Official History.
  • Ted Mataxis' Paper on Operation Nordwind.
  • The 90 Division Gamble! This document details the reasoning behind General Marshall's decision to limit Army ground forces to 90 divisions. It also tells why the program was cancelled. From the book "Command Decisions" edited by Kent Roberts Greenfield.
  • The Ardennes Counter Offensive! This document details Hitler's decision to launch the offensive. How did this affect the 70th? At the height of the German offensive, General Patton was ordered to drive for Bastogne. He had to make a "90 degree left turn" to head in the right direction. The holes left by Patton's units had to be filled by General Patch's units and it drastically thinned his line. The regiments of the 70th, (274th, 275th and 276th) arrived in late December and were formed as Task Force Herren. They were immediately put into the line, without the benefit of combat training. In an attempt to cut off Patch's Seventh Army, it was under these conditions that the Germans launched Operation Nordwind. From the book "Command Decisions" edited by Kent Roberts Greenfield.

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