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72) Patricia Mears Ebke 
Lacey WA
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What a wonderful surprise to find photos that Wayne Nicholson posted of his father Wm. F. Nicholson Jr., of Co M 274th INF RGMT 70th INF DIV. My father was 1st Lt. Ralph E. Mears, and is in two of his photos. My father received his battlefield commission January 1945.He made the Army his career,fought in Korea as well as WWII, and retired as a major in 1963.

Steve Dixon Send E-mail 2-20-2016 19:46
Patricia, I have noted where your father is in the photos. Thanks for your help!
71) Thorsten Trey 
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I got a request from America on Facebook. A soldier is wanted. He was probably injured or killed in Neuhaeusel France. Who can help?

Name: John B. Cummings.
ID: 36275466.
US-Armee / der 70. Infanterie-Division / 276. Regiment / Kompanie A.

Steve Dixon Send E-mail 1-13-2016 16:19
John Cummings' body was never recovered. He is listed on our casualty list as KIA on 4 January 1945.

Diane Kessler Send E-mail 10-20-2017 22:23
John Cummings went missing on New Year's Eve 31 Dec- 1 Jan 45 while in a foxhole below the Rhine River levee. In the morning, his helmet was found with a bullet hole in it and small piece of his skull. His body was never found. His company forgot to report him missing until 4 Jan 45. But he definitely went missing 31 Dec 44- 1 Jan 45. His nephew, Mark H. is a member of our Asso, still hoping that his remains will be found.
70) Nancy Phelps 
United States
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My father, Murray Rosen, (deceased 1979) was a POW on your POW Listing -275th Infantry. He was listed missing on Jan. 3, 1945 and sent to Stalag 12F Forbach Bei Saarbrucken Baden. Since this was such a traumatic and wrenching experience, he never spoke about it to his children. Your site provides more information than I had previously known. My brother found this site and we thank you for pulling this information together.
69) Stephen Peacock 
Reseda, California
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My father Noren G. Peacock served in Canon Company, 276th Inf. Reg. He was a Tech Sgt. He was the platoon sergeant in charge of 105MM howitzer and instructed men in firing and maintenance of gun and military tactics. I found a letter he wrote to my mother in May, 1945 which described some of the battles he was in of which Wingen was the toughest. Before I located this letter I never knew the battles as he never shared them as many returning from WWII never did. According to his letter he came close to being shot by the enemy but survived to lead a long life. I was born about four months before he left for France while he was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He was on the SS West Point when the ship landed in France on Dec. 15, 1944.
68) Jeffrey Pittman 
Brenham, Texas
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11-10-2015 18:51 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Just a quick note, my grandfather Lowell E Davis passed in 2004. After the 274th disbanded he worked as a typeset printer for the Stars and Stripes in Berlin. After coming home he stayed a printer for the best part of 40 years. He was in AT274 starting from Camp Leonard Wood through to Germany.
67) Steven Savois 
New Orleans, LA
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9-25-2015 10:42 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my Grandfather, Edward J. Savois, Jr. (Sgt. M/275) on Sunday Sept. 20th, 2015.

Thank you for this site - it brought my Grandfather and I closer together in his last few years.

I am joining the Association in his Honor and Memory. I look forward to sharing his legacy with my young children as they grow up. The Men of the 70th won't be with us forever, but their story and courage will.

While gathering his medals for his Services yesterday I found a copy of GO #14, 13 March 1946, where he was awarded the Bronze Star. I would like to submit that document and any others I discover in the coming weeks/months to the site. What is the proper way to submit material?
66) Mary T. Morris, Clarke Co. Hist. Assoc. 
Berryville, VA
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9-24-2015 12:34 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Our archives has been allowed to scan a large collection of letters, pictures & scrapbooks, collected by a member of Battery B, 884th FAB. Among the items we have copied is a 28 Apr 1995 Battery B, 884th Bull Sheet which we would gladly share with families of the servicemen in that battery. This soldier's personal scrapbook is chock full of postcards & pictures he took in Europe. The cataloging of the collection items will go online on our website in December and be searchable. Researchers will be welcome, but publication authority resides with the donor.
65) Richard DiGregorio 
Jefferson, NY
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For those who devote their love and dedication to this site I Salute You. I've been searching for my Fathers fellow soldiers that may have remembered him. According to photos Oscar DiGregorio was a corporal, as I recall he had a buddie Eddy Thomas, possibly a tankman, Oscar made it thru the War, raised a Family and passed in 1980. He spoke little of the war but I remember overhearing His conversation one night with company about the Colmar Pocket.If any of You Gentlemen recall Oscar please drop an email, It would touch my heart to hear from You.

Richard DiGregorio
64) Cheryl Vatcher-Martin 
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I served with the 70th in Livonia, Michigan. I hope to connect with fellow soldiers from that time too.
63) Gerard Aron 
Alsace Bas-Rhin
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6-15-2015 14:16 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Bonjours Congratulations on this wonderful site dedicated to the 70th ID, very nice meeting Sunday 14/06/15 has Philippsburg for the commemoration were presented to Gerard and Claudia D Alsace for those who remember we have a knowledge Rodolphe Lanzi took us Avont queques autographs,several veterans and their families have eter very welcoming us never forget regret that this day was too short for us hoping soon to stay in touch with veterans and their families.

Steve Dixon Send E-mail 6-15-2015 15:52
Thank you very much!
62) Rodolphe LANZI 
Gries - Alsace - France
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All my congratulations for this fantastic website dedicated to the 70th ID. So many informations and such an accurate data base available in order to better know the history of the Trailblazers. I live close to the areas where the Norwind operation took place and where the 274/275 and 276th IR fought. Sharing history is a duty of memory. Thanks a lot!!

Steve Dixon Send E-mail 6-15-2015 15:45
Many thanks!
61) Matthew Sutherland 
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Thank you for such a great site full of valuable information! My great-grandfather Michael Deasy served in G/275, and is mentioned in some of the accounts by Mr. Eldon McDermeit. I've always loved researching my family's past, and sites like this make it much easier to do. Keep up the good work!

M, Sutherland
60) Sonny Marquez 
Westminster, CA
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My father Manuel Marquez was in the 70th. Infantry Division from 1944 till the end of the war. He was a gunner in the mortar platoon of Company M 275th. Infantry regiment. He is well and lives in Modesto CA
59) Todd C Homer 
Los Angeles CA USA
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5-17-2015 00:57 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Son of PFC AL M Homer. I company 274th.

Too bad he's not around to see this.
58) Kellie Rockey 
Denver, CO
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5-6-2015 02:51 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks again for maintaining this amazing site. Just stopping by to see what is new here.

My Grandfather, Arthur Harrison (Speck) Alexander was in 'F' Company of the 275th, Reconnaissance. He also trained at Camp Ritchie in MD in April, 1944.

Any information you might have would always be appreciated.

Thanks for your efforts here. They are appreciated.

57) Vic Ephrem 
Jacksonville, Fl
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Pvt. Jimmy M. Butler of the 882 Field Artillery Bn, who was that unit's first casualty (KIA) on Feb 18, 1945, was a film actor in the 1930's through 1943 when he enlisted. He was in the movie Manhattan Melodrama in 1935 with Clark Gable, William Powell, Myrna Loy and Mickey Rooney. He starred in 1934's No Greater Glory, and later had parts in Boys Town and Stella Dallas.
56) Mary Ann 
New York
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My uncle, PFC Peter J. Schab was killed in action during combat to take and hold the Oberst-Ohligmuhl mill, 1 mile west of the town of Grossbliederstroff in France on February 7, 1945. He was in the 275th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division.

Is there anyone who knew him or could tell me more about that day.

He received the purple heart and is buried in Epinal American Cemetery.

Thank You

Mary Ann
55) John H. Boehr, Jr. 
Waterloo, IL
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4-8-2015 22:07 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Reviewing the history of my father's unit, 275th medical detachment. He was involved in the battle of Phillipsbourg in Jan, 1945.
54) Christian 
Sarregeumines France
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3-29-2015 05:09 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Very popular site about the past of my home Thank you for their work
53) Alejandro Martinez 
Houston, Texas
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3-3-2015 01:47 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I previously asked about my uncle Rudy P Esquivel but did not have much info. Since then I found his discharge papers that gave the following: Co G, 276th; CIB on 1/24/45; WIA 2/8/45; European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Medal w/1 Bronze Star; Am Theater Campaign Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal; WWII Victory Ribbon; 1 Overseas Service Bar. I plan on visiting the National Archives within the next 1-2 months in order to complete the war history on my four uncles. That said, I am hoping that someone can answer the following questions for me:

Is there any way I can pinpoint who Co G, 276th was assigned to on 1/24/45? What conflict/area Co G was involved in on 2/8/45? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My uncle went into the service on 8/11/43 (shortly after turning 18) and honorably discharged on 4/9/46; died on 10/2/72 and is buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.
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