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The following information was derived from the Directory of Memorials published by the 70th Infantry Division Association. To purchase a copy of this beautiful book, click here.
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70th Anniversary Celebration

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from Nazi oppression. The 70th Infantry Division did its share, liberation many cities, towns and villages in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Our friends in France are remembering the sacrifice of our soldiers in a series of ceremonies to be held in the coming months. As we we receive pictures they will be posted. To view the latest photos, click here!

Orientation Maps
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Travel Information: Major European cities can be reached easily from the US. Assuming entry points such as Paris, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, London, and Luxembourg City the European railroads provide frequent, fast, dependable service to the regions of interest to 70th Division visitors. The accompanying map from Eurail Pass gives an idea of the network. Sorry, England is not included by the Company, but there are railroads in England. For those going through Paris, the super speed TGV from Paris, which now includes the Strasbourg line, is a must. A standard line goes between Strasbourg, Wingen, Sarreguemines, Saarbrucken, and Forbach. Also, St. Avold, Forbach, Stiring Wendel, and Saarbrucken are easily reached on the frequent main line trains traveling between Paris and Frankfurt. At most locations rental cars may be obtained for more detailed exploration. Of course, rental cars are available at entry airports and can be used as the primary mode of transportation. Epinal can be reached by train from a main line connection in Nancy. Autobahns & Auto-routes lace the countryside.

The following maps will prove invaluable when traveling:

  • France and other European countries-Michelin and Recta Foldex, as well as other companies, provide good road maps. Of note is Michelin's Tourist and Motoring Atlas, FRANCE 1:2005000.
  • Alsace and Lorraine-Michelin #242 FRANCE Alsace et Lorraine. Excellent for 70th Div combat areas and cemeteries in France.
  • Institute Geographic National, Strasbourg-Forbach Map #12, 1:100,000
  • Alsace-La Petite PierrelNiederbronn-les-Bains 3714 ET (1), Institute Geographic National, CLUB VOSGIEN. Splendid contour map (10m interval), 4cm per Km, covering all of the 70th's major combat areas Alsace. Probably available only in Europe.
  • Strasbourg-60km tour de Strasbourg, Recta Foldex. Good road map covering the Rhine and extending west to St Avold. One cm = 1.25km.

Travel Tips-Wingen, Philippsbourg, etc...Assuming that the visitor has taken route A 4 from Paris and wishes to come on the course of the American force on its arrival at Wingen, it is suggested that a driver coming from Paris having passed through Metz leave A 4 at Exit 42 and follow N 61 south to Sarr Union. On arrival there he should take D 8 east to Lorentzen, then D 919 south to Puberg 9 kms from Wingen. Otherwise, the German approach from the north can be emulated by going to Sarreguemines and taking N 62 22 kms to Meyerhof taking D36, D37, and DI 2-24 kms in all-to Wimmenau, 3 kms cast of Wingen.

The city of Forbach can be reached from Paris (230mi) by auto via A4/E50 to Merlebach and A6/E50 to the West Exit of town; by train from Gare de I'Est (4 hrs). From Frankfurt by train (2.5 hrs) to the station, or by auto via 1-5 to Darmstadt, then 16/E50 through Ludwigshaften and Saarbrucken for the East exit to the city. The tower of Forbach castle will lead you to rue du Schlossberg et du 276th lnf Reg. between Avenue St Remi and rue de I'Eglise. Having reached this point, instructions for driving to the remainder of the sites of interest wiII depart from Forbach. Hotel accommodations and taxi service are available in Forbach and Saarbrucken, and hotels are also available in Wingen and Niederbronn. If your travels covered the Alsatian monuments first, from Strasbourg, Haguenau, or Germany, then by car secondary hiways can take you through Sarreguermines to Merlebach-Forbach, Stiring Wendel, or Saarbrucken; by rail, trains travel between Strasbourg and Forbach making stops at Ingwiller, Wimmenau, and Wingen.

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