Division Memorials - France 2001

France 2001

The following article was sent by Dale Bowlin. Photo by Dale Bowlin.

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During the five days our tour group visited the several French villages in the northern Lorraine district, we spent a few hours in Grossbliederstroff where a monument has been erected to honor the soldiers of the 70th Infantry Division who gave their lives for the liberation of the town in February 1945. In addition to viewing the excellent museum we were welcomed by the mayor along with the flag waving children from the elementary school that adjoins the museum. One of the children passed a card to Phyllis with the following:

All the children of the Earth
Want to shake hands
To live and work together as brothers
For a better tomorrow.

No more hatred, no more frontiers
No more graves along our roads
We wish in our exaltation
To forge a great destiny.

Translation by J & G Nothnagle. While the author of this piece is unknown, it was appropriate for the occasion.

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Memorial at Grossbliederstroff. Photo by Dale Bowlin

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