Biographies - 'Mac' McClauslin

Name: Clive 'Mac" McClauslin
Dob: November 13, 1908
Hometown: Bglerville, Pa.
Drafted: Yes
Year: 1942
Unit: Radio Section Hq. Co. 275th Inf. Reg. 70th Division


2 bronze stars, Combat Inf. Badge, GCM, ACM, EAME medal, ww2 Medal


Inducted in Pa. Sent to Camp Adair, Oregon and assigned to 70th Inf. Division as a radio operator/driver. After discharge in l946 went back to work for Steelworkers Union and worked mostly in the west Coast area of California. Was married but no children. After retirement moved to Joshua Tree in the high desert area of southern California. Mac died April 5, 1996 at age 88. Our Army brothers ashes are scattered amount the Joshua Trees in the Joshua Tree National Monument, at Joshua Tree, California.