Biographies - Sam Thompson
Full Name: Sam G. Thompson
Date Of Birth: 1/2/1926
Member: Member
Entered: April 1, 1944
Drafted: Yes
Volunteer: No
Where: Camp Forrest, Tennessee
Unit: F/274


CIB, Good Conduct, ETO, Purple Heart plus ribbons authorized to unit service. WW2 Vic. Medal, etc.


Basic training at Ft. McClellan. I was wounded at Styring-Wendel on March 6, 1945 and after several months in England at 131st Gen. Hospital I was sent back to the States to be discharged on Aug 2, 1945 after several months at a convalescent hospital in Florida. After recovering (more or less) from wounds, managed motion picture theatres in Tenn. and Ky. until 1955. Then joined Harveys Department Stores (Based in Nashville, TN) as a buyer. Worked for them 25 years as a buyer, merchandiser and then store manager. Company sold out in 1980 and I went to work for State of Tennessee as Director of Buying. Stayed until retirement June 30, 1997. My wife and I will celebrate our 55th anniversary on June 30, this year on a cruise to Alaska. We live in Clarksville TN which is a city of 125,000 about 40 miles NW of Nashville, TN. Have lived here 31 years. Hobbies include travel, fishing, tending my lawn, music; I restore old Hammond organs and play them a little although playing is a matter of opinion.