Biographies - Richard Graham
Full Name: Richard D Graham
Date Of Birth: 07/18/1946
Member: Associate Member
Entered: 1965
Drafted: No
Volunteer: Yes
Where: VA
Unit: n/a


I am the son of Marvin H. Graham, 1st Platoon C/274th, 70th Infantry Division WIA 3 March 1945 near the Metz Rd near Saarbrucken. My dad passed away 14 May 1980. He was very proud to have served in the 70th Division. He suffered many long years with his wounds and loss of use of his right hand and arm but was always a proud man. My Dad worked in communcations after the war. I wish he had lived to know about this site and the great things on it. I joined the Assocation so i could learn more about the 70th and what they did doing WWII, as my Dad never talked much about it. Thanks to all of you we still live in a great county, my thanks to all of you for a job well done.