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When you wish to post a message on Blazer Net put it on this e-mail address:

The message will then be delivered to everyone's individual e-mail, just as if I had sent it to each of you.

The messages are also now archived and available on a members-only
web site:

So you can now view older messages there. You can also stop receiving mail while on vacation and when you return look at what you missed.

However, you need to have a yahoo account and join the group to access the web site. If you do not have a yahoo account, when you go to this link, you can create a yahoo account (no charge). Then you will be able to view messages and use some other features of the site such as uploading photos and files to share with other members.

Tex Texin, Steve Dixon, and Jim Hanson are the moderators for this group mailing list and when you have questions, send them to us via regular e-mail.

One final note: In the past, messages sent to me for Blazer Net were posted so long as they adhered to the two items in the 70th ID Assn Executive Committee code for the Trailblazer media (the Trailblazer magazine, the 70th ID Assn Home Page and Blazer Net). These are: No partisan politics and to be civil. Please continue to adhere to the code.

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