Casualty Listing

NOTE: Thanks to Diane Kessler, 70th Infantry Division Association Secretary and Trailblazer Editor, a revised casualty list is now available. Click here!

Below is the original list of all casualties (KIA or MIA) of the 70th. The list was sent to me via Lou Hoger. A special thanks goes to him. It is broken down alphabetically. More information is available by clicking under the Related Links below.

For those who may have a loved one buried overseas, the ABMC has a site tool where you can locate the plot by either name or unit. Go here to use the tool, or click Listing next to the cemetery under Related Links.

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In WWII for MIA and for non-battle disappearance cases, by regulation a Finding Of Death had to be determined within a year, hence FOD. Sometime after WW II, the title was changed to Productive Finding of Death and from that time on the acronym has been PFOD. The definition is the same for both, however.

KIA: Killed in Action
DNB: Died - non battle
DOW: Died of Wounds
DOI: Died of Injuries
MIA: Missing in Action
FOD: Finding of Death

The majority of Trailblazers are buried at Epinal and St. Avold. However, there are Trailblazers buried in the following cemeteries:

Luxembourg -10
Ardennes, Belgium - 10
Margraten, Netherlands - 8
Rhone, France - 2
Henri Chapelle, Belgium -1
Normandy, France -1
Cambridge, England - 1