70th Today - Units
The following is a list of unit of the 70th ID (Training), 70th RSC and 70th RRC. Please send any additions or corrections to the webmaster. Thanks.

70th Infantry Division (Training) - units as of 1995, Units from 1952 to 1995 not known.

  • Hq, 1st BDE
    1/330 Regt
    2/330 Regt
    3/330 Regt
    329 Regt

  • Training Support Brigade
    2nd Bn TSB
    3rd Bn TSB

  • Hq, 2nd BDE
    1/333rd Regt
    2/333rd Regt
    3/333rd Regt
    1/329 Regt

  • 5089th Reception Battalion

  • Hq, 3rd BDE
    1/423rd Regt
    2/423rd Regt
    3/423rd Regt

  • Drill Sergeant School

  • Hq, 4th BDE
    1/70th Regt
    2/70th Regt
    3/70th Regt
    2/329th Regt

  • 70th Division Band

70th RSC (as of June 2002)

645th ASG:

307th MI CO, 380th PRB, 235th CR CO, 379th AG CO, 860th CR CO, 909th AG CO, 959th CR CO, 304th PA DET, 47th MHD

174th POL BN

164th MAINT CO, 737th TC CO, 1016th POL CO, 40th TRK CO

476th CM BN

349th CM CO, 441st CM DET, 907th FF PLT (EN), 671st EN CO (MRB)

385th TC BN:

175th TC CO, 467th TC CO, 653rd TC CO, 804th TC CO

HHC, 70th RSC


116th CHAP DET

315th MP DET

321st EN BN

A/321st, B/321st, C/321st, 659th EN CO

1395 TTB

291st TC DET, 300th TC TM, 643rd TC DET, 652nd TC DET, 804th TC TM, 647th TC TM

396th CSH

396th CSH DET 1, 898th MED DET, 915th MED DET, 981st MED DET, 1466th MED DET, 1848th MED DET, 1888th MED DET, 1972th MED DET

6250 USAH

6th JTF

2122nd GSU

Team 9/249th ENG

6th LSO

70th RRC
(Not Known)

70th Training Division (Functional Training)

HHC, 70th Training Division (Functional Training) Fort Knox, KY

Regional Training Centers
RTC - East Fort Dix, NJ
RTC - Central Fort McCoy, WI
RTC - West Fort Hunter Liggett, CA

HQ, 1st Brigade 70th DIV Fort McCoy, WI
 2/339 (Leader Training) Fort McCoy, WI
 3/329th (Information Operations) Milwaukee, WI

HQ, 2nd Bde 70th DIV Fort McCoy, WI
   Fort McCoy

HQ, 2 BDE 104th DIV (Professional Development) Fort Sheridan, IL
  10th BN 104th DIV Phoenix, AZ
           Det 2 Stillwater, OK
  11th BN 104th DIV Boise, ID
           Det 2 Omaha, NE
  10th BN 80th DIV Owing Mills, MD
        Det 2 Schenectady, NY
  11th BN 95th DIV Independence, MO
        Det 1  Lexington, KY
  11th BN 108th DIV Concord, NC
        Det 1 Whitehall, OH
  11th BN 80th DIV Fort Belvoir, VA
        Det 1 Hartford, CT

HQ, 3rd Brigade (Small Arms Readiness Group) Fort Gillem, GA
 1st Bn (Institutional Training)  Fort Gillem, GA
 2nd Bn (Unit Training) Camp Bullis, TX
   Co A Camp Bullis, TX
   Co B Milwaukee, WI
   Co C Camp Parks, CA
   Co D Salt Lake City, UT
 3rd Bn Fort Dix, NJ
   Co E Fort Dix, NJ
   Co F Fort Knox, KY
   Co G Horsehead, NY

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